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Tracking Our Reading – Adult & Kids Reading Journals


I have been using Good Reads to track my books for years but this last year I’ve really come to realize how much I like a physical record of the books I’ve read.

So, I did what I do; I made myself a reading journal.

I started using it and then quickly realized I really wanted my kids to have reading journals too!


Adult & Kids Reading Journals - a book and reading tracker for adults and kids


Keeping a reading journal as an adult is fun but I keep thinking how cool it would be if I had one from when I was a kid.

I remember reading a ton of the Baby-Sitter’s Club and a few other books here and there but it would have been really neat to have an actual record of the books I read, the ones I enjoyed and the ones I didn’t.

Now my kids are going to have this opportunity as they continue to document their books and mini reviews in their reading journals.


Adult & Kids Reading Journals - a book and reading tracker for adults and kids


We’ve been using our reading journals for the last few months and I can already see what a memory keepsake this is going to be.

I love seeing what my kids choose to write about their books, the things they think are important enough to include in a review, and how they decide to rate their books.

We are definitely going to be using these reading journals for years to come!


Grab your reading journals:




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