• Solar System Unit Books - Intentional Homeschooling
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    8 Great Space Books we used for our SOLAR SYSTEM unit

    The first unit both my kids decided on for this school year was the Solar System Research Unit. Of course, my main go to when doing any kind of research is books. So we pulled out all the books about the solar system that we own and requested a bunch from the library. Today I wanted to share the good books with you (because there were some duds in the ones we checked out). When it comes to books about the solar system (and science books in general) I am okay with using books that disagree with our views, like books that talk about evolution, we have conversations about it…

  • Fish Research Unit Study
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    New Units Available!

    It’s been a little while but we now have three new units available in the shop. I am very excited about all of these units. Our plan when creating units, journals and other items is to create things we actually want to use in our homeschool and think others will as well. For the first 24 hours all of the new products are 50% off, so if you are thinking of purchasing, now is the time because they won’t be this cheap again. Now, onto the new units!     Gardening Research Journal With the arrival of spring just around the corner I wanted to create a resource for us…

  • Our Summer Homeschool Plan and a Look Inside the Units We're Going to Be Using This Summer
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    our SUMMER HOMESCHOOL PLAN & a look inside the units we’ll be studying

    We tend to be flexible in our homeschool and don’t “do school” five days a week. Our more laidback homeschool approach means that we are also never really “off”. So while the summers may look a little different, we are still learning. And this summer we have a couple of different studies we plan on doing. Okay, here’s a look inside our summer homeschool plans for this year!       LINKS The Explorers Research Unit is 50% off until June 2nd! And the Forces and Movement Study is on sale until June 15th! The Kids Reading Journal and A Line a Day Journals are also on sale until June…

  • Free Vikings Unit Study - a great unit for your elementary homeschool
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    Vikings Unit Study

    Update: this unit study is no longer available for free. Okay guys, I’m excited to finally share our Vikings Unit Study with you! I’ve been talking about this unit study for the last few weeks in my videos and newsletter and now it’s time to share it. My original plan for this unit study was just to grab a few good books, some relevant information and random free worksheets from online but Jared took my tiny idea and made it into something awesome! A FEW DISCLAIMERS I have a few disclaimers about the unity study before we get started, you can watch the video below or read on for my…

  • Free Pirate Unit Study Resources - great for talk like a pirate day
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    Pirate Mini Unit Study Resources

    One of the units I had on my list to study this year was pirates. And since September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day I thought we would learn about them leading up to that day. We’ve only done a few unit studies so far this year but this one was our favorite one yet. Pirates are a fun topic to study but it does involve a fair amount of weeding through fact and fiction. The kids totally got into pirate mode and dressed up in some old Halloween costumes.     There are so many great books, videos and resources for a pirate study, we could have studied the…