• Free Vikings Unit Study - a great unit for your elementary homeschool
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    Vikings Unit Study

    Update: this unit study is no longer available for free. Okay guys, I’m excited to finally share our Vikings Unit Study with you! I’ve been talking about this unit study for the last few weeks in my videos and newsletter and now it’s time to share it. My original plan for this unit study was just to grab a few good books, some relevant information and random free worksheets from online but Jared took my tiny idea and made it into something awesome! A FEW DISCLAIMERS I have a few disclaimers about the unity study before we get started, you can watch the video below or read on for my…

  • Bird Watching Journal - a printable nature study journal
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    Bird Watching Journal – A Printable Nature Study Journal

    Every spring I get really excited about birds. I never realize how many birds have migrated and left us until they start to come back. Hearing and seeing the different kinds of birds return is a sign that spring is really here. It’s the feeling of anticipation for the warmer days to come. In the last couple of years I have made a point of paying attention to the birds that I see and trying to figure out what kinds of birds they are. To be honest, growing up my parents used to have a bird identifying book by the back deck door (along with a pair of binoculars) and…