• 12 Great Chapter Books for Grade Two - novels that can be read independently or as read alouds
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    12 Great Chapter Books for Grade Two

    This year my son is in grade two, so I wanted to create a list of books for him to read this year. He is at the point where he is just starting to read easy chapter books but I know at this rate he’ll really increase his reading ability this next year. So, I wanted to create a list of books for grade two that would have some diversity. There are definitely some easy to read books on here as well as some that are a bit harder. Oh, and because I know my son I’ve also included some funny books, because those are his favorite.     12…

  • Homeschool Day in the Life video - unschooling and project and interest-led learning
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    Homeschool Day in the Life: summer edition: working on projects and interest-led learning

    Here’s another day in the life of our homeschool, this one is a summer version! I’ve been liking the rhythm our summers have taken and if all goes well I plan on continuing this into the fall as well. In this day in the life we took a little nature walk and my kids followed their interests and made creative projects.       You can see past day in the life videos and posts here.

  • Great Chapter Books for Grade Five - novels for independent reads and read alouds for grade 5
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    17 Great Chapter Books for Grade Five

    One thing I love to do for our school year planning is create a list of books that I think will be good for my kids for that school year. This year my daughter is going into grade five! Where did the time go? This list of books includes some books she wants to read on her own, some I think she would enjoy and a few that we will be reading aloud (or listening to on audio) as a family. Her favorite genre is fantasy by far so this list is pretty fantasy heavy. I plan on making a master list/page here soon that has all the grade level book…

  • Simple Homeschool Schedule - our simple three part homeschool schedule and routine for the summer
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    Simple Homeschool Schedule: the simple homeschool rhythm we are following

    We have hit our groove this summer with a very simple homeschool schedule. I know this schedule definitely won’t be involved enough for some people but it has been working really well for our family! I’m totally planning on pulling this rhythm/routine/checklist into the fall.       My free Unschooling with Intention Workshop. My kids’ YouTube Lego Show: The Adventure Kids     OUR SIMPLE HOMESCHOOL SCHEDULE   So, what I have done is create a very easy three-part checklist for my kids for each day. I have intentionally kept this simple so there will be space in their days to explore interests and just have time to be…

  • Family Read Aloud Books we want to read together as a family this year
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    12 Books on Our List for Family Read Alouds This Year

    With a new school year approaching I wanted to compile a list of books for family read alouds. For us the term family read aloud mostly means family audiobooks since we still mostly just listen to a book together as a family at meal times. But, I think some of the books on my list for this year don’t have audiobooks, so maybe this will be the year that I finally learn how to read chapter books aloud (if you have tips, let me know! I think my biggest problem is that I am reading ahead in my head way further than where my voice is). We’ve actually gotten a head start…

  • Having Confidence in Your Homeschool: busting the "do it all" myth and advice from homeschool moms
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    Having Confidence in Your Homeschool: busting the “do it all” myth and advice from homeschool moms

    If you love the idea of homeschooling but lack the confidence, this video is for you! I am sharing some great tips and advice from other homeschool moms, we’re busting the myth of having to “do it all” and sharing what really matters when it comes to homeschooling.       You can check out the Instagram post where this conversation took place here. From there you can also go check out the ladies who shared some great advice! Curious about homeschool methods? Here’s a post with the five most common homeschool methods.