• How to create your own Charlotte Mason elementary schedule
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    Our DIY Charlotte Mason Homeschool Schedule – Part Two

    Welcome back to what is turning out to be an entire series on Charlotte Mason homeschooling! In case you missed them and want to check out the other posts, here’s where you can find them: What is the Charlotte Mason Method and Why We are Switching to it Resources We are Using in Our Charlotte Mason Elementary Homeschool Our Charlotte Mason Homeschool Schedule – Part One Like I’ve mentioned in my previous posts I have always loved the idea of the Charlotte Mason method but have struggled with how it actually works. Obviously I have a bit of troubles taking something abstract and turning it into a concrete plan. A…

  • Charlotte Mason homeschool DIY curriculum for elementary - year 0 and year 3
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    Our Charlotte Mason Homeschool Schedule – Year 0 & Year 3 – Part One

    Alright, I’ve been promising to share our Charlotte Mason homemade homeschool schedule/curriculum that I’ve put together for this year and it’s taken me awhile to get it all sorted out but here it finally is! Just a few things to note before we get into it . . . We are not Charlotte Mason purists. Our previous two years have been very relaxed, interest-led homeschooling. Also, I have read A Charlotte Mason Companion and I’m currently reading Charlotte Mason’s Home Education series so while I know where she stands on some things I haven’t read all her ideas to really know everything, so let’s just get that out there: I…

  • Our Daily Homeschool Resources - our favorite writing resources
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    Our Daily Homeschool Resources // 02

    I couple of months ago I shared a post about our homeschool cart and daily homeschool resources. Now that we’ve finished a few of the books and are on to some new stuff I wanted to write a new post. Since we’ve gotten out or Christmas tree we haven’t used our homeschool cart as much but after we get rid of all the Christmas decor it will be used more. One thing we’ve done differently for the past few months is use a loop for some of our subjects/resources. I’ll share what we are all looping shortly but for those who don’t know what a loop is, it’s just a…

  • Our Homeschool Cart & Daily Homeschool Resources
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    Our Homeschool Cart & Daily Homeschool Resources // 01

    I am starting out already numbering this post (01) because I know I will be updating it over time. I posted a photo on Instagram a few weeks ago of our homeschool cart and it was a huge hit, everyone wanted to know more, it’s already changed quite a bit since then, plus, every time I post a photo of our day someone asks about some resource so it seems easiest to just write a post and have all the info in here! And I think it will be fun to look back later and see what was in our cart in the fall of 2017. As for the cart…

  • Free Grade Two Homeschool Curriculum - Minimalist Charlotte Mason style with a bit of Unschooling

    Free Grade Two Homeschool Curriculum

    I am super excited to be sharing the plan I’ve made for Raeca’s grade two year, especially since today is our first official day of homeschooling for the year! This curriculum will also be turned into a free app like the preschool one, I’ll update here when that’s up! After last year I decided that I really wanted to focus on character and attitude this year and I really based 98% of the curriculum on that (everything but science!). I already shared our homeschool “schedule” a few weeks ago, in essence, the kids will have mornings for getting themselves ready for the day and free play. Our school portion of…

  • Free Weekly Curriculum for Four-Year-Olds - simple and effective!

    Free Four-Year-Old Preschool Curriculum

    I am really excited about our preschool year this year. I feel like a learned a lot last year and it’s really helped me to simplify and streamline our curriculum for this year. Ephraim has really surprised me with how much quickly he catches on to learning, because he is such a rough and tumble, physical kind of boy I thought he wouldn’t have time for the idea of sitting for a few minutes and intentionally learning but I was so wrong! He’s not going to sit for hours on end but we’ve been able to do a lot more “book work” than I had guessed. Last year I tried…