• OUR PRESCHOOL PLANS - resources we are using with the three year old for preschool
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    OUR PRESCHOOL PLANS – resources we are using with the three year old for preschool

    I’m excited to share our preschool plans for the year! I’m using the idea of preschool curriculum really loosely here, it’s more like a list of preschool goals and a list of resources we are going to be using. All the things I can link will be included below!         PRESCHOOL LINKS & RESOURCES MENTIONED   Reading Magic Best-selling children’s author and internationally respected literacy expert Mem Fox reveals the incredible emotional and intellectual impact reading aloud to children has on their ability to learn to read. With passion and humor, Fox speaks of when, where, and why to read aloud and demonstrates how to read aloud…

  • Grade Three Curriculum Picks - history, math, language arts and science curriculum choices for 2021
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    Today I am continuing a look into our curriculum picks for the fall. You can check out our grade six curriculum picks here. I hope to have preschool up soon!       GRADE THREE CURRICULUM PICKS & RESOURCES Line a Day Journal Reading Journal for Kids Bible Journal: Junior Edition Bible Memory Workbook Creative Writing & Drawing Journals Ancient Egypt Unit Inventors Research Unit Mammals Research Unit

  • Our Grade Six Homeschool Curriculum Picks for 2021 - different resources we will be using
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    6TH GRADE HOMESCHOOL CURRICULUM – our choices for FALL 2021

    So, I’ve never done one of these but I thought I would show our curriculum plans for grade 6 for the fall. I’m using the term “curriculum” very loosely here. We are very much eclectic homeschoolers, bordering on the unschooling side but this year my daughter is going into grade six and I want to have a little bit more in the way of expectations for her day. I would love to hear what you like to use for resources for grade six!       GRADE SIX RESOURCE LINKS Reading Journal for Kids Bible Journal Bible Memory Workbook The Ology Creative Writing & Drawing Journals Ancient Egypt Unit Inventors…

  • Our Summer Homeschool Plan and a Look Inside the Units We're Going to Be Using This Summer
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    our SUMMER HOMESCHOOL PLAN & a look inside the units we’ll be studying

    We tend to be flexible in our homeschool and don’t “do school” five days a week. Our more laidback homeschool approach means that we are also never really “off”. So while the summers may look a little different, we are still learning. And this summer we have a couple of different studies we plan on doing. Okay, here’s a look inside our summer homeschool plans for this year!       LINKS The Explorers Research Unit is 50% off until June 2nd! And the Forces and Movement Study is on sale until June 15th! The Kids Reading Journal and A Line a Day Journals are also on sale until June…

  • Simple Homeschool Schedule - our simple three part homeschool schedule and routine for the summer
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    Simple Homeschool Schedule: the simple homeschool rhythm we are following

    We have hit our groove this summer with a very simple homeschool schedule. I know this schedule definitely won’t be involved enough for some people but it has been working really well for our family! I’m totally planning on pulling this rhythm/routine/checklist into the fall.       My free Unschooling with Intention Workshop. My kids’ YouTube Lego Show: The Adventure Kids     OUR SIMPLE HOMESCHOOL SCHEDULE   So, what I have done is create a very easy three-part checklist for my kids for each day. I have intentionally kept this simple so there will be space in their days to explore interests and just have time to be…