• Homeschool Day in the Life - A Peek into Our Unschooling Homeschool - January 2021
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    Homeschool Day in the Life – A Peek into Our Unschooling Homeschool – January 2021

    Hey guys, I am excited to be back with an unschooling day in the life today! In the last year I’ve shared a few of these in video format (like here and here) but this day in the life is coming at you in pictures and written word. I realized, it’s as lot easier to share an unschooling day in the life this way because nothing is planned out (generally). This way I could do what I usually do: observe my kids learning what and how they like to. For the most part I just let them do their thing and snapped a photo of it. With video it’s a…

  • How we teach history without a curriculum in our homeschool and our favorite homeschool history books and resources
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    TEACHING HISTORY WITHOUT A CURRICULUM: and some of our favorite history homeschool resources

    Today I’m continuing the homeschool without a curriculum series and we’re chatting history! I thought history was incredibly boring as a student but now I love history. I have some fun history resources to share that we really enjoy. You can see the entire homeschooling without a curriculum series here.       HISTORY RESOURCES WE LOVE           HISTORY VIDEOS & CHANNELS WE LIKE           Homeschool Pop History videos:     A Kid Explains History Simple History

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    TEACHING MATH WITHOUT A CURRICULUM: plus our favorite fun math learning resources

    Welcome back to the homeschooling without a curriculum series! Each week I will be breaking down one subject and sharing how we teach our children that subject without using a curriculum. Last week I kicked things off with Language Arts and this week we are onto Math! I did not enjoy math in school and really want to show my kids that math can be fun. Today I am sharing some of our favorite way to learn about math in our every day plus some favorite resources. You can check out the full homeschooling without a curriculum series here.         You can see a list of our…

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    Teaching English Without a Curriculum & some of our favorite language arts resources

    Welcome to the teaching without a curriculum series! Today we are kicking things off by chatting about how my kids learn English Language Arts in our homeschool without a curriculum. Check back next Friday for the next subject in this series! You can see the whole series here.           You can check out our favorite Language Arts resources here.         Also, if you want free, printable Mad Libs, we’ve used these ones.

  • An Introduction to Unschooling - what is unschooling, what is my role as a homeschool mother and how do kids learn without a curriculum
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    Unschooling Introduction: what I want my kids to learn and how I view my role as a homeschool mom

    Welcome to a new series all about unschooling! Today I am sharing a little introduction to unschooling and talk a little about what I want my kids to learn in our home and homeschool as well as how I view my role as a homeschool and unschooling parent. In the upcoming weeks I will be taking each subject individually and sharing how my kids learn about that subject as well as some of our favorite resources.       Get access to my FREE Unschooling with Intention Workshop here.