• Our favorite science resources in our homeschool as well as how I teach science without a curriculum
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    TEACHING SCIENCE WITHOUT A CURRICULUM: and some of our favorite homeschool science resources

    Welcome back to the last official installment in the Homeschooling Without a Curriculum series! If you’ve missed the series you can see all the posts here. We’ve already covered language arts, math, history and now today is science!       Book Outlet Referral Code (get $10 off your first order).   OUR FAVORITE SCIENCE RESOURCES      

  • Educational Videos for Kids

    20 Educational (Mostly Science) Videos We’ve Been Watching in Our Homeschool Lately

    During this time of sustained social isolation we’ve been turning to YouTube more than usual. We’ve always enjoyed a good (usually educational) video on YouTube but now without the ability to really do much outside the house we’ve definitely increased our YouTube consumption. I don’t really feel too bad because 1) these are weird times we are living in and 2) most of the videos are educational (and a few of them are just watching people make giant candy, which is educational in its own way). I thought I would go through our YouTube watch history and share some of the videos we’ve been watching lately in case you are…

  • Fall Nature Study Ideas and a Free Printable Autumn Nature Scavenger Hunt
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    Fall Nature Study Ideas & A Free Autumn Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable

    We are well into fall here in the Canadian prairies and I figured it was about time I shared some ideas for fall nature study. To be honest, nature study is not something I am naturally good at. But I’m trying. Apparently my trying has been at least somewhat successful because a few weeks ago my six year old said “Mom loves nature.” – at least he thinks so! Our fall days here can be hit or miss. We often start getting snow at the end of September but it will usually melt right away or within a few days. The temperature can go from -10C in the morning to +20C in…

  • How I Plan Our Homeschool Year Without a Curriculum
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    Weather Mini Unit Study Resources

    We’ve been continuing with our Monday mini unit studies in as part of our homeschool rhythm and our next topic of study was weather! I actually gave the kids the option between butterflies and weather and this is what they both chose. I was actually surprised by that choice. Weather is a broad topic and we definitely didn’t cover everything in one afternoon but we learned some stuff we didn’t know and that’s kind of the goal here. Little bits of learning all add up!     I gathered all the books I had from the library on weather as well as ones we had around the house and we…

  • Free Owl Unit Study Resources
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    Owl Mini Unit Study Resources

    Part of our homeschool rhythm for the year is to have a mini unit study every Monday afternoon. My main reason behind this was because there are so many different topics I want to study with my kids and many of them don’t quite fall under our plan for the year, this is my way of sneaking those topical studies in. This last Monday was our first mini unit study and we kicked things off with owls!     I started out by having the letter board and a few resources and books about owls out on the table in the morning. As soon as my son woke up and…

  • The Best Picture Books to Read in August - All About Weather - Fiction and Non-Fiction Picture Books Great for Kids in Elementary
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    The Best Picture Books for August

    Welcome to another monthly book list! I’ve been slowly collecting books about weather for us to study the topic so I thought it would make a great theme for August’s theme. We went on a little road trip last week and as we were driving home we drove through some spectacular storms and cloud formations. I often bemoan the fact that we live in flat prairie land but it sure makes it easy to see what is all going on in the sky. I captured this shot last week from my seat in the vehicle, it’s not something you would generally be able to get a good view or shot…