• Adult & Kids Reading Journals

    Tracking Our Reading – Adult & Kids Reading Journals

    I have been using Good Reads to track my books for years but this last year I’ve really come to realize how much I like a physical record of the books I’ve read. So, I did what I do; I made myself a reading journal. I started using it and then quickly realized I really wanted my kids to have reading journals too!     Keeping a reading journal as an adult is fun but I keep thinking how cool it would be if I had one from when I was a kid. I remember reading a ton of the Baby-Sitter’s Club and a few other books here and there…

  • Grade Three Curriculum Picks - history, math, language arts and science curriculum choices for 2021
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    Today I am continuing a look into our curriculum picks for the fall. You can check out our grade six curriculum picks here. I hope to have preschool up soon!       GRADE THREE CURRICULUM PICKS & RESOURCES Line a Day Journal Reading Journal for Kids Bible Journal: Junior Edition Bible Memory Workbook Creative Writing & Drawing Journals Ancient Egypt Unit Inventors Research Unit Mammals Research Unit

  • Free Father's Day Printable for Kids to fill out - great for older kids
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    Free Father’s Day Printable

    When my kids were littler we would often fill out a paper that had little interview questions for them to answer about their dad for Father’s Day. It was cute and the papers are a sweet keepsake. Now they are getting older and the answers to their questions aren’t as cute and funny as they used to be. So, this year I decided to create an alternative Father’s Day printable. The one I created has some prompts and then room to either write or draw (or both!) their answer. I would love to show their final (adorable) results here but I’ll refrain in case their father hops over and sees…

  • Forces and Movement Homeschool Science Subject Study - a great homeschool science unit study for elementary
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    Forces and Movement Science Study

    I’m going to assume everyone has at least one school subject that is not exactly their forte. Science is one of mine. But I also have kids that really enjoy science . . . Thankfully my husband also likes science and was interested in making a Forces and Movement Study for us – complete with fun and simple experiments!     Today I wanted to show you inside the study!     You can grab a copy of the Forces and Movement Study here!

  • Our Summer Homeschool Plan and a Look Inside the Units We're Going to Be Using This Summer
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    our SUMMER HOMESCHOOL PLAN & a look inside the units we’ll be studying

    We tend to be flexible in our homeschool and don’t “do school” five days a week. Our more laidback homeschool approach means that we are also never really “off”. So while the summers may look a little different, we are still learning. And this summer we have a couple of different studies we plan on doing. Okay, here’s a look inside our summer homeschool plans for this year!       LINKS The Explorers Research Unit is 50% off until June 2nd! And the Forces and Movement Study is on sale until June 15th! The Kids Reading Journal and A Line a Day Journals are also on sale until June…