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Middle grade books set during World War II

16 Gripping World War II Books for the Middle Years (Grades 4-8)

I have been on a big World War II reading kick in my own life lately. History never interested me when I was younger but these days it seems like I can’t get enough! I’ve found that I really enjoy reading about history through historical fiction books (and some really good non-fiction ones too). While am also reading some grown…

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The best STEM books for kids, including picture books and non-fiction STEM books. A great way to get kids excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math!

21 of the Best STEM Books for Kids

I’m continuing the STEM theme from the last few weeks with 21 of the best STEM books for kids. There are a number of the typical picture books on this list and then some great non-fiction books as well. I’m also hoping to share some of our favorite (non-book) STEM related resources soon too, so keep an eye out for…

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Science can be for girls! Check out this list of science picture books that feature girls and women.

The Best Picture Books About Girls and Science

Science has been a bit topic in our house lately and if you know us at all any time we are interested in a topic that means attempting to read all the books on that topic. Science has been no exception. We’ve been attempting to read all the books. On a semi-related note, Raeca noticed that a lot of the girls…

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This list has ten funny picture books that will have kids giggling and laughing out loud. They are the best funny picture books ever!

The Ten Funniest Picture Books Ever

If I look at the most popular posts on this site it’s always the same. My lists of funny picture books are always the winners. I’m pretty strict with my book lists, our funny picture books actually need to have us laughing or giggling to count. On the site I have a list of  Ten Funny Pictures Books, then I…

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