• Middle Grade March Pile of Possibilities - Intentional Homeschooling Podcast
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    003: My Middle Grade March Pile of Possibilities

    Today I wanted to share a stack of middle grade books I would like to read in March during Middle Grade March. I have all the links for the different things and books mentioned in the episode here on this page. Listen to the podcast: Or watch on YouTube: LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: BOOKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: WANT EVEN MORE? If you want access to even more homeschool resources, printables, a mama seasonal book club, an online community, and more; come join the Intentional Homeschooling Membership!

  • Homeschool Reading Wrap Up - a look at the books we've been reading lately
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    a homeschool READING WRAP UP – a look into all the books we’ve read lately

    Today I thought we would share a bit of a reading wrap up of the books we read in the first two months of our homeschool year. Each of my kids are sharing about the books they’ve read off the lists I made for them and I’m sharing about our read alouds (audiobooks and morning basket read alouds). You can see the book lists I made for each of the kids over on my bookish website/channel: BOOKS MENTIONED What have you been reading in your homeschool lately? Let us know if you have any recommendations for us!

  • Solar System Unit Books - Intentional Homeschooling
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    8 Great Space Books we used for our SOLAR SYSTEM unit

    The first unit both my kids decided on for this school year was the Solar System Research Unit. Of course, my main go to when doing any kind of research is books. So we pulled out all the books about the solar system that we own and requested a bunch from the library. Today I wanted to share the good books with you (because there were some duds in the ones we checked out). When it comes to books about the solar system (and science books in general) I am okay with using books that disagree with our views, like books that talk about evolution, we have conversations about it…

  • Great Chapter Book Recommendations for Boys (and Girls too!)
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    Chapter Book Recommendations for BOYS (well, girls too)

    Since I recently sat down with my daughter and got a list of her favorite books I figured I needed to do the same with my son. He is very active boy so he mainly listens to books instead of sitting and reading them. He’s always doing something with his hands while listening to books, I recently wrote a post of 26 activities for kids to do while listening to audiobooks, most of which he rotates through on a regular basis. He is also a re-reader/listener and one of his favorites when he was younger was Pippi Longstocking, I’m pretty sure he listened to the audiobook about 100 times in…

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    BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS FOR TWEENS – books my daughter loves (lots of fantasy & historical fiction)

    There’s been lots of requests for an update on my daughter’s favorite books so that’s what we are doing today! She has always enjoyed fantasy but lately historical fiction has been creeping up as a favorite genre as well. I have all the books she wanted to feature listed below, but be sure to watch the video where she gives a few bonus recommendations as well! BOOKS MENTIONED Do you have any suggestions for her? She’s always looking for some good ones!