• Huge Homeschool Library Haul - a look at the picture books and resources books we've checked out in our homeschool lately
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    šŸ“š BIGGEST HOMESCHOOL LIBRARY HAUL YET šŸ“š um, so we got a lot of picture and resources books out . . .

    Here’s a look into our most recent homeschool library haul, it’s a huge one! And honestly, I had fully intended to film a flip through of all the books but I got overwhelmed by the sheer number of books here. I think I may have to make these videos a little more frequent if I want that to happen.       šŸ“š Links to all the books mentioned.   FUNNY PICTURE BOOK BLOG POSTS āž• Funny Picture Books One āž• Funny Picture Books Two āž• Funny Picture Books Three

  • Our Monthly Homeschool Library Haul - lots of fun math and science books!
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    APRIL HOMESCHOOL LIBRARY HAUL šŸ“š we hit the jackpot!

    We got some great books in our homeschool library haul this month! I may have gone a little overboard requesting all (okay, almost all) the DK Smithsonian books . . . Check out the video to hear my thoughts and get a peek inside the books. I’ll link the books below incase you want to check them out!       APRIL HOMESCHOOL LIBRARY HAUL We got a lot of books out from the library this month and so many good ones! In the video I show you inside each of the books but for your reference, here is a list of the books mentioned: Princess Pulverizer The World Needs Who…

  • MARCH HOMESCHOOL LIBRARY HAUL - a variety of books we've recently checked out from the library
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    MARCH HOMESCHOOL LIBRARY HAUL šŸ“š a variety of books we’ve recently checked out from the library

    I always have fun sharing the books we got out from the library. Here’s a recent stack of books we’ve check out!       BOOKS MENTIONED The Great Cake Mystery Case Closed – The Mystery in the Mansion Thirty Days Has September – Cool Ways to Remember Stuff Cool Flexagon Art Jambo Means Hello – Swahili Alphabet Book Curious Lists For Kids – Human Body Stormy Seas – Stories of Young Boat Refugees Hip Hop Speaks to Children The Dark Ages and the Vikings  

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    Homeschool Library Haul: a peek inside some great fiction and non-fiction books, plus graphic novels Private

    Today I thought I would show you a little library haul! Since our library has a limit of 100 books per card we make good use of our library. I know not everyone has such a great library service so I thought it may be helpful to see inside some of the books we’ve gotten recently. There really is no theme to the books I’m sharing, it’s just some we’ve been enjoying, there are some graphic novels, non-fiction, STEM books, poetry and more!       BOOKS MENTIONED   Mighty Jack Jack might be the only kid in the world who’s dreading summer. But he’s got a good reason: summer…