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    Homeschoolers Who Inspire Me

    I am currently working on finishing up our homeschool vision and plan for the year and I’ve been thinking a lot about the different homeschoolers who inspire me and I thought I would share them with you! While I do have local homeschoolers who inspire me as well, today I am going to focus on homeschoolers who share online so you can follow them and hopefully be inspired as well! For the record, I’m just sharing Instagram and YouTube here today and the place where I mainly see that person’s stuff, if they are on other platforms I usually follow them their too. Plus reading the blogs for those that…

  • Butterflies & Bees Research Unit - Homeschool Unit Study - Homeschool Day in the Life
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    How Our Homeschool Looked This Morning

    Today I thought I would show you a look into what our homeschool looked like this morning. We are currently alternating between the Flight Research Unit and the Butterflies & Bees Research Unit and alternating within the Butterflies & Bees. So, one day we do Flight then the next is Butterflies, then back to Flight, then Bees, then back to Flight, etc. Today we were learning about bees, so here’s how it went . . .     We always start by looking the lesson over and then begin pulling out our books on the topic/sub topics and seeing what we can answer from the books we have. We have a great home library…

  • Homeschool Day in the Life - Summer Edition - a look into our relaxed and unschooly summer homeschool
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    HOMESCHOOL DAY IN THE LIFE ☀️ summer edition ☀️ our super relaxed summer homeschool

    Hey guys, today I wanted to share a peek into a day in the life of our homeschooling in the summer! We are very relaxed homeschoolers, especially in the summer. This video is in collaboration with @The Eclectic Homeschooler – be sure to subscribe to her channel and watch their day in the life!       LINKS Check out the units and journals we are using this summer. Exit Room

  • Homeschool Year in Review - Using the Intentional Homeschooling Vision Planner
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    HOMESCHOOL YEARLY REVIEW – the things that went well and the things that really didn’t

    I’m starting a new series here on the blog where I go through my Homeschool Vision Planner and reflect on the last year in order to cast a vision for the year to come. Pssst . . . the Homeschool Vision Planner will be free on Wednesday, June 2nd ONLY, use the code: visionfree     I love reflection and setting goals and this Homeschool Vision Planner helps me to do just that!     There are over twenty pages of prompts and questions to help guide your next homeschool year. These questions and prompts are for you to fill out and there are certain questions for you to ask…