• 10 Good Middle Grade Historical Fiction Novels for Kids
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    10 Historical Fiction Middle Grade Books

    A good historical fiction book makes me want to learn more about the time period and topic it covers. I love how great middle grade is at this. Even as an adult I enjoy a lot of middle grade historical fiction books. This list includes some good historical fiction middle grade books. Also, I purposefully did not include any of the books I already included in my round up of WWII historical fiction that I have on this list here. What are some of your favorite historical fiction middle grade books?     10 Historical Fiction Middle Grade Books The Great Trouble Eel has troubles of his own: As an…

  • Classic Picture Books that are still good today - a list of classic picture books that have stood the test of time
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    14 Classic Picture Books That Have Stood The Test of Time

    There are some picture books that have just proven themselves over and over again. Of course, everyone has a slightly different opinion on which books are actually good classic picture books. Truthfully, my kids even have different opinions than me (if they had made this list Curious George would have been included). When trying to decide the criteria for what made a picture book a classic I decided to go will anything published in 1986 (the year of my birth) or before that. I think that makes me a classic in this definition. That’s one way to feel old. Next week I plan on coming back with a list of what…

  • Great Picture Book Biographies - a great way for kids to learn history
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    19 Picture Book Biography Stories

    It’s never too early to introduce kids to biographies. I love the increase of the number of biographical picture books in the last number of years. It’s not even just the number, it’s the quality as well. Even I have learned a lot about history thanks to some well written picture books. In this list I’ve included mostly books we have read but there are also a few I’ve heard really good things about that I want to check out. I’m sure there will be a part two to this list because I can already guarantee I’ve forgotten some really good ones. If I’ve missed a great biographical picture book you…

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    Homeschool Library Haul: a peek inside some great fiction and non-fiction books, plus graphic novels Private

    Today I thought I would show you a little library haul! Since our library has a limit of 100 books per card we make good use of our library. I know not everyone has such a great library service so I thought it may be helpful to see inside some of the books we’ve gotten recently. There really is no theme to the books I’m sharing, it’s just some we’ve been enjoying, there are some graphic novels, non-fiction, STEM books, poetry and more!       BOOKS MENTIONED   Mighty Jack Jack might be the only kid in the world who’s dreading summer. But he’s got a good reason: summer…

  • The Best Picture Books About Nature
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    13 of the Best Nature Picture Books

    I love the power of a good picture book. Great words and beautiful illustrations can be so much more powerful than a lot of words. There are so many excellent picture books about nature out there and today I wanted to share some of our favorites with you!     If you like this list you may also like: 10 of the Best Living Books About Nature The Best Books About Bugs & Insects Picture Books About Ponds & Frogs Great Picture Books About Gardens & Flowers The Best Picture Books About Weather   13 of the Best Nature Picture Books   You know those books that you feel the…