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    What is Intentional Homeschooling?

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the name of this site, Intentional Homeschooling, I still really like the name but as we get further into our homeschool journey I’ve been realizing how much homeschooling is a lifestyle for us and not something we “do”.

    If you are on the newsletter list you will have gotten an email yesterday announcing that I will now be sharing our homeschool journey, aka, our family life journey, over on a new site, AnIntentionalLife.me.

    This site is still going to stay here and in the near future I will be opening it up for contributions from other homeschool families, so we can be inspired by others on their homeschool journeys.

    For us, at this season in life, this seems like the best move. I’ve had a personal blog for quite some time and I often struggle with knowing if I should post a certain post here or over there because there is so much overlap with our homeschool and life. So, making a new site and combining both of the old sites seems like the best move.

    I will soon be posting about the idea of homeschool as a lifestyle over at An Intentional Life. I would love to have you head over there and check the new space out. And also be sure to follow me on Instagram (I just changed my username), I often share little snapshots of our days there. And book memes too 🙂

    Thanks to everyone for supporting this site and it is my hope that the upcoming changes will be good ones for each of us!

  • An Intentional Summer - join me for weekly challenges to bring some intention into your summer!
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    Bring Some Intention Into Your Summer

    When I chose the name Intentional Homeschooling for this blog I did so for a reason. I truly wanted to be intentional with my homeschool days.

    That’s not to say that I wanted to follow a rigid schedule, but rather that I wanted to see the teaching moments as they rose naturally.

    While we are still doing some homeschool this summer it is a lighter load than the actual school year and it just hit me how I wanted to be intentional with my summer.

    I want this summer to be a time of refresh.

    I want to live in the moment.

    I want to start our next homeschool year feeling excited.

    As a result I started thinking about the main areas in my life that I wanted to be intentional this summer and came up with: home, health, parenting, marriage and faith. Then I came up with the idea to let you in on the weekly challenges I created for myself!

    If you love the idea of An Intentional Summer I’d love for you to sign up below and join me!


    Each week you'll receive challenges to be more INTENTIONAL in the following areas:



    We respect your email privacy

  • Top Ten Posts on Intentional Homeschooling from 2016
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    Ten Most Popular Posts From 2016

    This blog only started up seven months ago but I thought it would still be fun to share the most popular posts from the seven months of 2016.

    It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me that this list is heavy on the book lists, eight out of ten of the most popular posts were book lists. We enjoy reading the books that make it onto the list and hopefully you all do too!

    On to the most popular posts of 2016 . . .

    10. Classic Novels for Grades 5 & 6

    A number of our lists of classics were in the top ten posts of the year. Here’s the list for grades 5 and 6.

    Classic Novels for grades 5 and 6. Perfect for read alouds or for them to read on their own.

    9. Classic Novels for Grades 3 & 4

    Next is the classic list for grades 3 and 4!

    Classic books to read aloud with grade 3 and 4. They are truly classic novels the whole family will love.

    8.The Nine Best Rhyming Picture Books

    I have an affinity for books with good rhythm and rhyme, these are the best.

    The Best Rhyming Picture Books that I don't mind reading over and over and over again.

    7. Eight Educational Gift Ideas for a Six Year Old Girl

    I had a lot of fun compiling this list of gift ideas for Raeca’s sixth birthday, in a few months I’ll be creating a list for Ephraim’s fourth.

    Gift Guide - 8 Educational Gifts to get for a 6 Year Old Girl

    6. Grade One Read Aloud Novels

    A list of novels we want to read this year, we’ve still got quite a few more to go!

    13 Novels to Read Aloud in Grade 1

    5. Seven Picture Books That Teach Kindness

    Sweet stories with a good message.

    7 books that teach kindness to children - perfect for the beginning of a new school year.

    4. Classic Novels for Grades 1 & 2

    Yet another classic novel list – this one for grades 1 and 2.

    Classic books to read aloud with grade 1 and 2. They are truly classic novels the whole family will love.

    3. Ideas for a Simple Preschool Journal

    Ephraim is still so proud of his preschool journal and I love being able to his progress throughout the year.

    Ideas for a simple preschool journal for 3 year olds

    2. Classic Novels for Kindergarten

    And the last classic novel list for this post – the kindergarten classics.

    Classic Novels for Kindergarten (and those aged 4-6).

    1. Books With Great Imagination to Spark Your Child’s Imagination

    We highly value imagination in our house and these are some of our absolutely favorite books.

    9 books with characters with great imagination that will help spark imagination in children.

    And those are the posts from 2016, I can’t wait to see which are your favorites in 2017!

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    2016 Reader Survey – Enter to Win One of Our Favorite Picture Books!

    As 2016 starts to wind down I wanted to take the opportunity to hear from you! I’ve created a very short reader survey (it’s nine questions and most of them are multiple choice) that I would love for you to fill out.

    To show my appreciation for you taking a minute out of your day to fill out the survey I will do a random draw for one of you to win one of our favorite picture books!

    What are you waiting for? Start filling it out! 🙂

    The last day to fill out the survey is Wednesday, December 14th. The picture book winner will be announced on December 16th.