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What is Intentional Homeschooling?


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the name of this site, Intentional Homeschooling, I still really like the name but as we get further into our homeschool journey I’ve been realizing how much homeschooling is a lifestyle for us and not something we “do”.

If you are on the newsletter list you will have gotten an email yesterday announcing that I will now be sharing our homeschool journey, aka, our family life journey, over on a new site,

This site is still going to stay here and in the near future I will be opening it up for contributions from other homeschool families, so we can be inspired by others on their homeschool journeys.

For us, at this season in life, this seems like the best move. I’ve had a personal blog for quite some time and I often struggle with knowing if I should post a certain post here or over there because there is so much overlap with our homeschool and life. So, making a new site and combining both of the old sites seems like the best move.

I will soon be posting about the idea of homeschool as a lifestyle over at An Intentional Life. I would love to have you head over there and check the new space out. And also be sure to follow me on Instagram (I just changed my username), I often share little snapshots of our days there. And book memes too 🙂

Thanks to everyone for supporting this site and it is my hope that the upcoming changes will be good ones for each of us!