An Intentional Summer - join me for weekly challenges to bring some intention into your summer!

Bring Some Intention Into Your Summer


When I chose the name Intentional Homeschooling for this blog I did so for a reason. I truly wanted to be intentional with my homeschool days.

That’s not to say that I wanted to follow a rigid schedule, but rather that I wanted to see the teaching moments as they rose naturally.

While we are still doing some homeschool this summer it is a lighter load than the actual school year and it just hit me how I wanted to be intentional with my summer.

I want this summer to be a time of refresh.

I want to live in the moment.

I want to start our next homeschool year feeling excited.

As a result I started thinking about the main areas in my life that I wanted to be intentional this summer and came up with: home, health, parenting, marriage and faith. Then I came up with the idea to let you in on the weekly challenges I created for myself!

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