November Menu Pages - Intentional Homeschooling

November Menu Pages


NEW IN THE SHOP! 🍄 These simple two page menu pages are perfect for covering a variety of subjects and topics you may not feel like you have time to get to in your homeschool.

Topics and subjects covered include:

* historical dates
* historical birthdates
* a picture study
* two poems
* and more!

November Menu Pages - Intentional Homeschooling

My personal plan is to print the pages out and stick them in a page protector and either:

1) put them on the table for the kids to browse before and after meals (hence where the name “Menu Pages” came from)
2) or to put them with our morning basket things so they can look at them in the morning before we get going with our morning basket.

Feel free to make these pages work for you! (Maybe put them in the vehicle or take them to appointments when you know you’ll have a wait . . .)

Each month also includes a QR Code which links to a page on my website where there is some additional information such as videos related to the month and the picture study image so you can view it larger and in better quality than it probably prints.

I am excited to start adding this into our days and plan on making new ones each month!

Grab your November Menu Pages here.


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