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New Units Available!


It’s been a little while but we now have three new units available in the shop.

I am very excited about all of these units. Our plan when creating units, journals and other items is to create things we actually want to use in our homeschool and think others will as well.

For the first 24 hours all of the new products are 50% off, so if you are thinking of purchasing, now is the time because they won’t be this cheap again.

Now, onto the new units!


Gardening Research Journal - a great gardening unit study that also helps document the process


Gardening Research Journal

With the arrival of spring just around the corner I wanted to create a resource for us to use as we go about planting and spending more time in our garden.

This Research Journal is perfect for ages 8 and up to learn about gardening and document their process.

Topics covered include:

  • why garden?
  • different types of plants
  • mini growth journal
  • types of soil
  • companion planting
  • photosynthesis
  • planning your garden
  • helpers in the garden
  • pests in the garden
  • composting
  • and more!


Check out the Gardening Research Journal here.


Japan Unit Study


Japan Unit Study

We are already part way through this unit study and have been learning so much about Japan.

This five-lesson unit study for grades 1-6 is the perfect overview of the country of Japan!

The lessons in this unit study include:

  • geography
  • wildlife
  • history
  • traditional Japanese culture
  • modern Japanese culture

In addition, you will get access to a web page of curated additional resources on the topics for further learning.


Check out the Japan Unit here.


Fish Unit Study for Elementary - Research Unit Study for kids


Fish Research Unit

This Research Unit is great for ages 6 and up* to learn about ten different fish, including:

  • lionfish
  • lake sturgeon
  • electric eel
  • whale shark
  • seahorse
  • humpback anglerfish
  • pufferfish
  • rainbow trout
  • tiger shark
  • piranha

Students will use a variety of research materials to fill out this Research Unit Study. Each fish has a page to fill out the resources used and overview of the fish.

* Each lesson involves writing, feel free to let the child dictate and write for them in the longform writing sections.


Check out the Fish Research Unit Study here.


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