• Homeschool Weekly Tracker Printable
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    Weekly Homeschool Tracker

    I made this simple Weekly Homeschool Tracker to help myself keep track of all the things my kids are learning during the week, even the stuff I don’t normally see as “school work”. Tracking our weeks this way works well for me and helps tremendously when it comes to our homeschool reports I have to write up at the end of the year. You can grab the Weekly Homeschool Tracker here.

  • Free Father's Day Printable for Kids to fill out - great for older kids
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    Free Father’s Day Printable

    When my kids were littler we would often fill out a paper that had little interview questions for them to answer about their dad for Father’s Day. It was cute and the papers are a sweet keepsake. Now they are getting older and the answers to their questions aren’t as cute and funny as they used to be. So, this year I decided to create an alternative Father’s Day printable. The one I created has some prompts and then room to either write or draw (or both!) their answer. I would love to show their final (adorable) results here but I’ll refrain in case their father hops over and sees…

  • How we Bible Journal with Kids
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    How We Approach Bible Time and Bible Journaling in our Homeschool

    Welcome to a new series where I am going more in-depth on all the different subjects we will be tackling this school year! If you want an overview of our homeschool day/week/month you can take a look at our three-part homeschool rhythm. One area I knew I really wanted to do better this year in our homeschool was the Bible. I have tried a few different things (plans, methods, children’s Bible’s, etc) in the past and have not really been very good with sticking with them. One of the ways I plan on making sure I follow through this year is by having our family Bible reading at the beginning…

  • Free Creative Writing Story Prompts - fun prompts for creative writing for elementary and middle grades
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    Free Creative Writing Story Prompts

    One thing I want to incorporate into our upcoming homeschool year that we have never done before is to add in some creative writing. My daughter does some writing on her own here and there, a couple of years ago she was dictating her stories to me while I typed them out on the computer and now she’s switched over to writing her own stories out. Recently she was working on creating a list of characters for a story, it included a family tree and short descriptions of each of the characters, too cute. And while I love that she chooses to write her own stories I wanted to be…

  • Famous Canadians Free Notebooking Pages - great for learning Canadian history
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    Free Notebooking Pages – Famous Canadians

    One of the things I love about homeschooling is following the interests of my kids. I am really looking forward to the day when they “know what they want to be when they grow up” (or you know, at least an idea. I’m not even sure if I know what I want to be when I grow up) and we can take those interests and run with them. Raeca has been wanting to create some printables/books with me and so the other evening we sat on the couch and did some brainstorming. We both came up with ten ideas and she narrowed it down to her favorite. The next day…

  • Free Printable Sight Word Flashcards
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    Free Printable Sight Word Cards

    Teaching my son to read has been an completely different experience than teaching my daughter. It is so much less frustrating in some ways and more frustrating in others. Pretty much exactly like parenting. One thing Ephraim has needed a lot more practice with than Raeca is sight words. I recently had a short but really eye opening conversation with a teacher friend who used to teach grade one. He mentioned that the biggest factor he has seen play a role in reading is memory. According to him, kids with a better memory learn to read quicker.     This comment on memory was a huge light bulb moment for…