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Free Printable Sight Word Flashcards

Free Printable Sight Word Cards

Teaching my son to read has been an completely different experience than teaching my daughter. It is so much less frustrating in some ways and more frustrating in others. Pretty much exactly like parenting. One thing Ephraim has needed a lot more practice with than Raeca is sight words. I recently had a short but really eye opening conversation with…

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Grab this pack of free printables for your elementary homeschool!

Free Elementary Homeschool Printables

In just a few short weeks the Elementary Homeschool Bundle will be launching over at Intentional Bundles, this is going to be a great deal that you won’t want to miss if you homeschool kids from preschool through to grade four. But, before we kick off the bundle, there is a great pack of freebies that you can download!  …

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Printable Minecraft Reading Log - free printable reading log to inspire kids to read more!

Printable Minecraft Reading Log

Raeca definitely got her love of reading from me. She turned seven in October and in that month, November and December she read twelve to thirteen chapter books each month. It makes my mama and reader heart proud. 📚❤ But then in January she dropped off to three books and this month she hasn’t felt like reading much. I know it’s…

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