• Using Literature as a Spine in Your Homeschool - Intentional Homeschooling Podcast
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    004: Using Literature as a Spine in Your Homeschool

    Today on the podcast I am sharing why and how to use literature as a spine in your homeschool! Listen to the podcast episode: Watch on YouTube: LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: WANT EVEN MORE? If you want access to even more homeschool resources, printables, a mama seasonal book club, an online community, and more; come join the Intentional Homeschooling Membership! Also, be sure to sign up for my homeschool newsletter, I share some of the books we are reading each week in each newsletter!

  • How to Teach Kids to Read and Tips for Kids Who Are Struggling Readers
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    HOW TO TEACH KIDS TO READ & tips for struggling readers

    I’ve been asked many times how to teach kids to read, especially since I shared how we teach language arts without a curriculum and I finally got around to making a video about it. I didn’t want to just leave it at how I taught my kids to read, I also wanted to share some tips for helping kids who are struggling readers or are taking longer to learn to read. I taught each of my kids the same way and one caught on quicker than the other. That being said, there have been a few things we’ve done with our struggling reader that have drastically improved his reading ability.…

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    Teaching English Without a Curriculum & some of our favorite language arts resources

    Welcome to the teaching without a curriculum series! Today we are kicking things off by chatting about how my kids learn English Language Arts in our homeschool without a curriculum. Check back next Friday for the next subject in this series! You can see the whole series here.           You can check out our favorite Language Arts resources here.         Also, if you want free, printable Mad Libs, we’ve used these ones.

  • Memes and Jokes to Teach Your Children Grammar in a Fun Way
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    Memes, Jokes and Puns to Teach Your Children Grammar in a Fun Way

    I’m a big fan of grammar memes, and judging by how popular they are when I share them on Instagram, I’m not alone! But let me be honest, just because I love grammar memes does not mean I have the perfect grammar. I’m already worried about all the mistakes I’ll be making just writing an introduction to a grammar post! (I’m sure my overuse of exclamation marks is a very big grammar no-no.) Memes and funny grammar jokes are a great way to learn about grammar with your kids, it’s a way to make an otherwise boring subject like grammar fun. I would be remiss to write this post and…

  • Free Creative Writing Story Prompts - fun prompts for creative writing for elementary and middle grades
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    Free Creative Writing Story Prompts

    One thing I want to incorporate into our upcoming homeschool year that we have never done before is to add in some creative writing. My daughter does some writing on her own here and there, a couple of years ago she was dictating her stories to me while I typed them out on the computer and now she’s switched over to writing her own stories out. Recently she was working on creating a list of characters for a story, it included a family tree and short descriptions of each of the characters, too cute. And while I love that she chooses to write her own stories I wanted to be…

  • When teaching your child to read- should you use phonics or a whole language approach?
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    Phonics vs Whole Language When Teaching Reading

    I honestly have no idea how I learned to read. I don’t know who taught me or what kind of process they used but I know that I have been a voracious reader since I was young. Since reading is such a big part of my life I want my kids to love reading as well. I truly feel blessed to have taught/be teaching both of my kids to read. So many people have told me that teaching their kids to read is one thing that scares them away from homeschooling, they just don’t know how to do it. To be honest, I didn’t either!     People often assume…