• Memes and Jokes to Teach Your Children Grammar in a Fun Way
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    Memes, Jokes and Puns to Teach Your Children Grammar in a Fun Way

    I’m a big fan of grammar memes, and judging by how popular they are when I share them on Instagram, I’m not alone! But let me be honest, just because I love grammar memes does not mean I have the perfect grammar. I’m already worried about all the mistakes I’ll be making just writing an introduction to a grammar post! (I’m sure my overuse of exclamation marks is a very big grammar no-no.) Memes and funny grammar jokes are a great way to learn about grammar with your kids, it’s a way to make an otherwise boring subject like grammar fun. I would be remiss to write this post and…

  • The best homeschool memes - funny, serious and sarcastic homeschool memes

    Homeschool Memes to Brighten Your Day

    So, today’s post is completely out of the normal. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite homeschool memes. There is just something about memes . . . sometimes they sum up situations better than anything else. In a similar vein I’ve shared a post with twenty signs that you are a homeschooler, a lot of those are pretty funny and meme-esq, if you like memes, definitely check that post out.     Some of these memes are more on the serious, I-actually-believe-them-side, and some of them are just completely silly. I hope you can tell the difference. 🙂 First off, I thought this was the best one to start with:  …