• How to Teach Kids to Read and Tips for Kids Who Are Struggling Readers
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    HOW TO TEACH KIDS TO READ & tips for struggling readers

    I’ve been asked many times how to teach kids to read, especially since I shared how we teach language arts without a curriculum and I finally got around to making a video about it. I didn’t want to just leave it at how I taught my kids to read, I also wanted to share some tips for helping kids who are struggling readers or are taking longer to learn to read. I taught each of my kids the same way and one caught on quicker than the other. That being said, there have been a few things we’ve done with our struggling reader that have drastically improved his reading ability.…

  • When teaching your child to read- should you use phonics or a whole language approach?
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    Phonics vs Whole Language When Teaching Reading

    I honestly have no idea how I learned to read. I don’t know who taught me or what kind of process they used but I know that I have been a voracious reader since I was young. Since reading is such a big part of my life I want my kids to love reading as well. I truly feel blessed to have taught/be teaching both of my kids to read. So many people have told me that teaching their kids to read is one thing that scares them away from homeschooling, they just don’t know how to do it. To be honest, I didn’t either!     People often assume…

  • Free Printable Sight Word Flashcards
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    Free Printable Sight Word Cards

    Teaching my son to read has been an completely different experience than teaching my daughter. It is so much less frustrating in some ways and more frustrating in others. Pretty much exactly like parenting. One thing Ephraim has needed a lot more practice with than Raeca is sight words. I recently had a short but really eye opening conversation with a teacher friend who used to teach grade one. He mentioned that the biggest factor he has seen play a role in reading is memory. According to him, kids with a better memory learn to read quicker.     This comment on memory was a huge light bulb moment for…

  • The Ultimate Guide to Using Audiobooks in Your Homeschool
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    The Ultimate Guide to Using Audiobooks in Your Home

    We are big into audiobooks in our home and I get a lot of questions about it. About a year ago I wrote a post about How to Incorporate Audiobooks into Your Homeschool Day but we’ve amped up our listening since then so I figured it was time to go big and share The Ultimate Guide to Using Audiobooks with Kids. You definitely don’t need to do everything we do or even do things how we do them but I wanted to share our experience in order to help out my fellow homeschoolers. First off, let’s start with why I am so keen on audiobooks!   OTHER POSTS YOU MAY…