• Free and Paid Apps we use to Listen to Audiobooks

    all the APPS we use to listen to AUDIOBOOKS

    I’ve been doing a little bit of an audiobooks series here for the last while. It started with my post of 26 activities for kids to do while listening to audiobooks and then I shared all about Audible, including how I get great deals and free books and now today we are on to all the other apps we use for audiobooks! My kids each have one of my old phones to listen to their audiobooks and for the apps that require library cards they are each signed in with their own card so they don’t step on each others toes with their books and lose each other’s spots. I…

  • How We Use Audible as a Homeschooling Family

    Why & how we use AUDIBLE as a family

    We have been big audiobook users in our family for years, it mostly started shortly after we began homeschooling and I realized that I cannot read chapter books aloud well at all (I’m still working on it though!). Then audiobooks entered our lives. I’m going to be sharing an updated post shortly on the various apps we use for listening to audiobooks but I wanted to tackle Audible first because it’s a resources I was quite slow to come around to but now I love it. If you are looking for some activities for your kids to do while they listen to audiobooks, I’ve got you covered with this post.…

  • 26 Activities for Kids to do While Listening to Audiobooks
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    26 Activities for Kids While Listening to AUDIOBOOKS

    My kids listen to a lot of audiobooks, it’s a great quiet time activity, plus listening totally counts as reading! Audiobooks are excellent for all children because they can usually listen to a book above the grade level they can currently read at (which is excellent news for kids who are a little slower to read) so they can listen to books that really keep their interest. We have a number of different apps and websites that we use for audiobooks, that will be a whole separate post coming on it’s own soon but today I wanted to give some ideas on activities that kids can do while listening to…

  • The Best Audiobooks for Preschool to Adult
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    The Best Audiobooks For Preschool – Adult

    We listen to a lot of audiobooks in our home. I’ve admitted before that this is mainly because I am not great at reading chapter books aloud, and also because I like a fairly quite lunch time. I’ve written a whole list of tips and tricks from when we use audiobooks to how we get most of ours for free, you can check that out here. I can’t believe I haven’t compiled a master list of our favorite audiobooks yet, sheesh, it’s about time! I’ve done my best to break the list up into age categories, but every kid will be different. I also tried to put the best of…

  • Summer Read Alouds and Audiobooks for ages 7-10
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    Nine Summer Read Alouds and Audiobooks for 7-10 Year Olds

    This is my third year sharing a list of read alouds I would like to get to during the summer. You can view the first one here and the second one here. The first two lists were more early elementary based and this one is starting to get a little older as my kids get older. Since the books on this list are read alouds the reading level can be higher than when they are reading on their own. My kids are 5 and 7 and they both listen to our books though they are more geared towards the 7 year old. This being the third year of our summer…

  • The Ultimate Guide to Using Audiobooks in Your Homeschool
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    The Ultimate Guide to Using Audiobooks in Your Home

    We are big into audiobooks in our home and I get a lot of questions about it. About a year ago I wrote a post about How to Incorporate Audiobooks into Your Homeschool Day but we’ve amped up our listening since then so I figured it was time to go big and share The Ultimate Guide to Using Audiobooks with Kids. You definitely don’t need to do everything we do or even do things how we do them but I wanted to share our experience in order to help out my fellow homeschoolers. First off, let’s start with why I am so keen on audiobooks!   OTHER POSTS YOU MAY…