• Teach multiple subjects with this literature based unit, including character traits like kindness and respect! Also included are different ways to incorporate lessons for art, math, social studies, music and more!
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    Literature Based Learning with Chrysanthemum

    Since we love books so much in this house (in case you couldn’t tell) our first homeschool year is going to be largely literature based. As of right now I think our actual language arts program will be fairly unstructured since the goal for grade one language arts is to pretty much teach children how to read and Raeca is already reading a few grade levels above where she should be at. That being said I thought it might be fun for us to do a few picture book studies with some structured activities here and there. To be honest, my initial inspiration for this idea was the Five in…

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    Teach Reading the Simple Way

    I thought it would be so hard to teach reading. I mean, how does one actually do it? I admit, I even entertained the idea of sending my kids to school for the first few years and then homeschooling after they already knew how to read. Thankfully, even though we did send our daughter to school for kindergarten she learned to read at home, making me realize how simple it really can be. (Although simple does not always mean easy.)     Reading, just like potty training isn’t a one-size-fits-all job, what works perfectly for some kids will be the dread of the next. I wanted to share how I…