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    TEACHING MATH WITHOUT A CURRICULUM: plus our favorite fun math learning resources

    Welcome back to the homeschooling without a curriculum series! Each week I will be breaking down one subject and sharing how we teach our children that subject without using a curriculum. Last week I kicked things off with Language Arts and this week we are onto Math! I did not enjoy math in school and really want to show my kids that math can be fun. Today I am sharing some of our favorite way to learn about math in our every day plus some favorite resources. You can check out the full homeschooling without a curriculum series here.         You can see a list of our…

  • How to Teach Math Without a Curriculum - easy ways to teach kids math
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    How to Teach Math Without a Curriculum

    As relaxed/minimal homeschoolers one of the big things we do to keep things relaxed is not follow a curriculum. So many times before I have heard people say “Oh, we don’t follow a curriculum . . . except for math.” For some reason parents often feel confident teaching all the subjects except for math. Have you ever felt that way? The truth is, teaching kids math doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t have to follow some pre-written curriculum for your kids to get it! Now, before I get into this post, let me share that math has never been my strong suit, I don’t find math easy to…

  • Smartick Math - A Review
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    Smartick Math – A Review

    About a month ago we were given the opportunity to try out Smartick Math. As much as I like interest-led education and the idea of at least semi-unschooling I do like a bit of structure when it comes to math because I feel like it’s not as easy to be creative with math as it is with other subjects. I figured Raeca would enjoy the program but I wasn’t sure that it would really give appropriate questions to Ephraim (who just turned 4), boy was I wrong! Right from the first day they tried it they were both hooked. Smartick is a little different than some other math programs because they…

  • Games in our Homeschool and some of our favorites
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    Using Games in our Homeschool

    My husband has always loved games, he even has a group of friends that get together every month to play games. So it comes as no surprise to me that both my kids ask to play games often. The only games I played when I was younger were pretty much Clue with my brother and endless rounds of Monopoly with one of my cousins (we did not play by the rules). We don’t have a huge selection of games but we are slowly building it over birthdays and Christmases, games are such a great gift to give kids. Thankfully almost every game out there has some kind of educational benefit to…

  • Our curriculum plans for homeschooling grade one and preschool.
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    An Overview of Our Homemade Grade 1 & Preschool Curriculums

    Today is our official start to our first year homeschooling! I have been waiting for this day for about 3 years and I’m kind of nervous that it will all blow up in our faces, I don’t think it will but that fear is definitely there. When I started thinking about what I all wanted the kids to learn this year part of me got overwhelmed and just wanted to buy a full pre-made curriculum. BUT one of the reasons we are homeschooling is to have more flexibility in our days and our learning and I knew that wouldn’t be the best way for us. So, I decided to hack together…

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    Our (Practically Free) Grade 1 Math Curriculum

    Over the next few weeks I will be sharing how I am planning our practically free grade one curriculum. Today I’m sharing our math curriculum and following will be: Our Free Grade 1 Spanish Curriculum Our (Practically Free) Grade 1 Music Curriculum Our (Practically Free) Grade 1 Art Curriculum Our (Practically Free) Grade 1 Language Arts Curriculum Our (Practically Free) Grade 1 History Curriculum Our (Practically Free) Grade 1 Science Curriculum and also Our (Practically Free) Preschool Curriculum If you are looking for ways to save money in your homeschool without skimping on education make sure to come back and check out the other posts in the next few weeks! OUR GRADE ONE MATH GOALS…