• Our Homeschool Week in Review - what we did and resources we used with a toddler, preschooler, first grader and fourth grader
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    Homeschool Week in Review – Volume Seven

    I feel like we finally started to hit our post-Christmas homeschool groove this week. Plus the -30 C/F temperatures from last week gave way to -5C (23F) temperatures so that was also really helpful! One thing I hope to add in for next week is the beginnings of a morning basket. I asked for some input over on Instagram the other day on what people’s favorite items are in their morning baskets and I’ve been pulling a few things out for ours. Anyway, let’s chat about last week before I get too excited about a week that hasn’t even happened yet!     OUR HOMESCHOOL WEEK IN REVIEW For reference,…

  • How we Bible Journal with Kids
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    How We Approach Bible Time and Bible Journaling in our Homeschool

    Welcome to a new series where I am going more in-depth on all the different subjects we will be tackling this school year! If you want an overview of our homeschool day/week/month you can take a look at our three-part homeschool rhythm. One area I knew I really wanted to do better this year in our homeschool was the Bible. I have tried a few different things (plans, methods, children’s Bible’s, etc) in the past and have not really been very good with sticking with them. One of the ways I plan on making sure I follow through this year is by having our family Bible reading at the beginning…

  • 30 Memory Verses and Passages for Children

    30 Memory Verses and Passages for Children

    I remember one of my highlights from childhood going to AWANA each week – I would wear my little vest with the badges and the jewels. I learned so many verses because of AWANA, I would even go so far as to say that half the verses I know now are thanks to AWANA. Unfortunately we don’t have any programs like AWANA around where we live but I still really want to make memorizing verses a priority in these early childhood years for my children.     I have made more of an effort in our homeschool this year with memory verses but it wasn’t until last week that something…

  • Memory Verse Art Journaling - Homeschool Bible Verse Memory System

    Our Techniques for Memorizing Bible Verses

    I mentioned in our grade two curriculum plan that this year we are focusing a lot on character. Throughout the summer I just kept coming back to that. Academically we are on par (or beyond) for Raeca’s grade level so I don’t feel much pressure that way this year but there is a lot I want to work on in regards to character development. There are a few different things we are doing but the main one is being intentional with our memory verses. When I was planning out the year I came up with a list of verses that correspond with different areas I feel need to be worked on:…