• Charlotte Mason elementary homeschool resources we are using in our homeschool year
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    Resources We Are Using in Our Charlotte Mason Elementary Homeschool

    If you have been following me on Instagram either on my personal Instagram or over on the Intentional Homeschooling account you probably already know that we are switching over to a more Charlotte Mason approach this year. I’ve always loved the idea of the Charlotte Mason method because I’m a big believer in a lot of her ideas, especially living books, but I’ve always gotten a little overwhelmed when trying to plan out our year. Thankfully this year I dug in and did a ton of research and planned a CM year that I am really excited about! I will be sharing our full plans for kindergarten and grade three…

  • Free Printable Homeschool un-Planner Monthly Sheets
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    The Homeschool un-Planner – Free Printable Monthly Record Sheets

    I remember at the beginning of every school year in middle school and high school vowing to make that the year that I kept my binder and notes much more organized. That generally lasted about a month and by the time Christmas came my binder was a complete disorganized mess. Was I the only that went through this? This year I find myself making this same promise to myself as a homeschooling parent. Though the problem is not that my notes have gotten disorganized, it’s that I stopped taking any! And we’ve been doing some pretty neat stuff, so I want to make sure I keep track of it.  …