• Free and Paid Apps we use to Listen to Audiobooks

    all the APPS we use to listen to AUDIOBOOKS

    I’ve been doing a little bit of an audiobooks series here for the last while. It started with my post of 26 activities for kids to do while listening to audiobooks and then I shared all about Audible, including how I get great deals and free books and now today we are on to all the other apps we use for audiobooks! My kids each have one of my old phones to listen to their audiobooks and for the apps that require library cards they are each signed in with their own card so they don’t step on each others toes with their books and lose each other’s spots. I…

  • Homeschool Quarter 1 Update 2022
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    a quarter one HOMESCHOOL UPDATE – here’s what’s working and what we’re adjusting

    Today I wanted to do a little homeschool checking and share how things are going for Q1 of our homeschool year! RESOURCES MENTIONED Here are the book lists I created for my kids: Grade 4 Book List Grade 7 Book List As well, here is our list of great books for learning about the Solar System and Space. My daughter’s Lego channel can be found at: That Nerdy LEGO Girl. The November Menu Pages are here. And you can find the November Nature Mini Unit here. We’re also trying out the Good and the Beautiful Math. And then the two units my kids have chosen to do next; Emperors, Kings…

  • Solar System Unit Books - Intentional Homeschooling
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    8 Great Space Books we used for our SOLAR SYSTEM unit

    The first unit both my kids decided on for this school year was the Solar System Research Unit. Of course, my main go to when doing any kind of research is books. So we pulled out all the books about the solar system that we own and requested a bunch from the library. Today I wanted to share the good books with you (because there were some duds in the ones we checked out). When it comes to books about the solar system (and science books in general) I am okay with using books that disagree with our views, like books that talk about evolution, we have conversations about it…

  • Money, Budget and Stewardship as Christians - Poured Out Podcast

    money, budgets, and stewardship (EP7)

    Today we are talking about being good stewards of our money and how we budget. If you are interested in checking out YNAB (You Need a Budget) you can use this link and try it out for a month for free.

  • How We Use Audible as a Homeschooling Family

    Why & how we use AUDIBLE as a family

    We have been big audiobook users in our family for years, it mostly started shortly after we began homeschooling and I realized that I cannot read chapter books aloud well at all (I’m still working on it though!). Then audiobooks entered our lives. I’m going to be sharing an updated post shortly on the various apps we use for listening to audiobooks but I wanted to tackle Audible first because it’s a resources I was quite slow to come around to but now I love it. If you are looking for some activities for your kids to do while they listen to audiobooks, I’ve got you covered with this post.…

  • Great Chapter Book Recommendations for Boys (and Girls too!)
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    Chapter Book Recommendations for BOYS (well, girls too)

    Since I recently sat down with my daughter and got a list of her favorite books I figured I needed to do the same with my son. He is very active boy so he mainly listens to books instead of sitting and reading them. He’s always doing something with his hands while listening to books, I recently wrote a post of 26 activities for kids to do while listening to audiobooks, most of which he rotates through on a regular basis. He is also a re-reader/listener and one of his favorites when he was younger was Pippi Longstocking, I’m pretty sure he listened to the audiobook about 100 times in…