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Homeschool Library Haul
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March Homeschool Library Haul πŸͺΈπŸŒŠ with an ocean emphasis

Well, we went to the library again and got a ton of books out! Apparently we’ve already checked out over $2,300 in value out already this year. That’s a lot, probably not nearly where we are usually at because I didn’t request much January and February but it’s still a lot. And that doesn’t include…

Relax Unschooling Homeschool Week in the Life
day in the life | real homeschool stories

a RELAXED homeschool WEEK IN THE LIFE (while mom is sick) PLUS a homeschool NOTION tour!

I didn’t expect to get sick while starting to film this homeschool week in the life but that’s what happened. It’s a good reminder of how much I enjoy the flexibility of our relaxed homeschool. Also, I recently made the decision to abandon my homeschool YouTube channel and I will just be sporadically sharing homeschool…