• Independent Books to Read for 8-12 Year Old - Great middle grade novels
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    10 Independent Reads for 8-12 Year Olds

    My fourth grader loves to read but goes through spurts where she reads a ton and then weeks where she doesn’t read much. I pretty much do the same so I totally understand. Lately she has been reading a ton of books so I thought I would share some of her recent favorites. She can read quite above her grade level (as you’ll see at the end of this list) but she also likes to pick up some age appropriate books to breeze through as well. Many of the books on this list are the first books in a series, in those cases my daughter has either continued on with…

  • Our Homeschool Week in Review - what we did and resources we used with a toddler, preschooler, first grader and fourth grader
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    Homeschool Week in Review – Volume Seven

    I feel like we finally started to hit our post-Christmas homeschool groove this week. Plus the -30 C/F temperatures from last week gave way to -5C (23F) temperatures so that was also really helpful! One thing I hope to add in for next week is the beginnings of a morning basket. I asked for some input over on Instagram the other day on what people’s favorite items are in their morning baskets and I’ve been pulling a few things out for ours. Anyway, let’s chat about last week before I get too excited about a week that hasn’t even happened yet!     OUR HOMESCHOOL WEEK IN REVIEW For reference,…

  • The Best Audiobooks for Preschool to Adult
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    12 Novels for Grade One

    My son is in grade one this year, when my daughter was this age she was reading novels, he’s not quite there yet but that hasn’t stopped him from taking in a lot of novels this year thanks to audiobooks. I asked him to tell him his favorite audiobooks he has listened to this year and he came up with this list! He’s got quite the sense of humor so there are a lot of silly books on this list. I have made a couple of other lists of novels for grade one over the years, you can also check those out: + Grade One Read Aloud Novels + More…

  • Puzzle - Homeschool Week in Review
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    Homeschool Week in Review – Volume Six

    We finally started easing ourselves into homeschooling again this week. With Christmas and then spur of the moment dental surgery for one of our little guys and then pneumonia for another one we were kind of forced into a longer break than I had originally planned for. It’s just a good reminder for myself to appreciate once again the flexibility of homeschooling. I can’t imagine trying to get my school aged kids to school every day when we had all this other stuff going on. Of course, we jumped into homeschooling in what will probably be our coldest week of the winter. The temperature barely got warmer than -30 all…

  • Ideas to Help You Homeschool in the Winter When It's Too Cold to Go Outside and You Hit the Winter Slump
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    Ideas to Help You Homeschool In a Winter Slump

    January is a pretty terrible month for weather here in Saskatchewan. Looking at my temperature gauge right now I can tell you it is -35C (-31F) and -50C (-58F) with the wind. Needless to say we don’t venture outside much in January and we all start to get cabin fever a bit. With the cold weather also comes a bit of the winter blues and a bit of a homeschool winter slump. Knowing this would happen (because it happens every year) back in July, when the sun was shining and the air was still warm I decided to be proactive and I asked for some ideas over on Instagram on…

  • The Best Picture Books Published in 2019
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    The Best Picture Books Published in 2019

    I love taking time to notice the year a book is published and I am noticing such a great trend in picture books. 2019 was a good year for picture books. I’ll admit, we didn’t read as many published in 2019 books at the end of the year but there were so many great ones at the beginning of the year that those were most of my favorites anyway. Curious about our favorites from years past? You can check them out here: * The Best Picture Books Published in 2018 * The Best Picture Books Published in 2017 * The Best Picture Books Published in 2016   If you have…