• Classic Novels for Elementary Kids
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    20 of the Best Classic Read Aloud Novels for Elementary Kids

    Three years ago I created a list of 40 classic read aloud novels for kids. I did a lot of research before making that list and compiled what I thought were 40 great books. The only thing was, I hadn’t read all of the books myself. For a number of them I was going off of suggestions from a number of different people. And it turns out my taste is a little different than others. For this list I have include twenty classic novels I have read (most of these I have read aloud to my kids or we have listened to them on audio) and these are books we…

  • Great Chapter Books for Girls - read aloud novels and audiobooks for girls from preschool until grade four
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    Chapter Books for Girls – Novels Girls (& Boys!) Will Love!

    I recently shared a book list that included 18 great chapter books for boys and today I wanted to come and share some good chapter books for girls! Honestly, I think both genders would like all the books on both lists but I mostly tried to keep the books on the girls list to have female main characters and the books on the boys list mostly have male main characters. The books on this list are great from preschool up to grade four, I’ve tried to list them so the books at the beginning of the list are for the younger kids and then as the list goes on they…

  • The Best Chapter Books Audiobooks and Novels for Grade One
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    12 of the Best Chapter Books for Grade One

    I recently shared my daughter’s favorite chapter books from her year in grade four and today I wanted to share my son’s favorite chapter books from his year in grade one! Grade one is kind of a tricky year for chapter books. Kids are learning to read but generally not ready to read chapter books on their own. The books on this list are either ones we read together or (and mostly) books he listened to on audio on his own. I love audiobooks for many reasons, but one of which is how it helps kids who are not quite ready to read difficult books but they are ready to listen to…

  • Homeschool Book & Resource Haul - lots of fiction and non-fiction books for our homeschool
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    Homeschool Book & Resource Haul: fiction and non-fiction books we’ll be using in our homeschool

    We’ve acquired a lot of new homeschool books and resources and wanted to show a homeschool book and resource haul with you today! Also, I decided to start a homeschool specific YouTube channel! I will be using this space to share all sorts of homeschool things including tips for beginners, resources we are loving, homeschool day in the life videos and of course, homeschool book hauls. I would love for you to pop over and subscribe on YouTube, that would help me out a lot!       RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO   Book Outlet Referral Link – get $10 off your first order Finch & Pine Design Challice…

  • A list of 12 novels that are great for read alouds or read alones for kids in and around grade 4. These are chapter books my daughter read in grade four and loved!
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    12 of the Best Chapter Books for Grade Four

    Back in my short lived school teaching career I always thought grade four was the best age. Kids are still young enough where they liked school but old enough they caught on to sarcasm. It was like the sweet spot as far as ages go. Well, now my oldest is officially done grade four and I have to say, it was a great year! Since we added fostering into the mix this year things looked a lot different than I imagined they would, but one thing stayed the same: she read (and listened to) a lot of books. I asked her to share her favorite books from the year and…