• Intentional Homeschooling Podcast - a podcast about homeschooling but mostly about books - Episode 00: the pilot

    Introducing the Intentional Homeschooling Podcast

    The Intentional Homeschooling Podcast where I will be chatting a lot about books, learning through literature and a little about homeschooling. If you need book recommendations for your kids, good middle grade recommendations for yourself, are curious about the benefits of a literature based homeschool then THIS is the podcast for you!

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    save money on so many great homeschool resources

    In 2023 I really want to focus on making great homeschool resources for others that we can use in our homeschool as well. I love making things for our homeschool so sharing them with others makes the most sense. Of course, I don’t want to sacrifice our homeschool time to do this. As a result, I will mainly be putting my focus and effort into my homeschool membership this year. The membership is a bit of a no-brainer in my opinion. I’ve intentionally made it ultra affordable (only $30 for a 12 month membership) and it gives you access to exclusive videos, a $25 coupon code to my shop, free…

  • Card Games to bring to Family Gatherings
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    Quick CARD GAMES that are perfect to bring to family gatherings

    During the Christmas season we have quite a few family gatherings. Some of them my kids have relatives around the same age and some they don’t. Whether or not they have people around the same age we generally bring a couple card games along to play. Card games are great for these circumstances because they don’t take up make space and they are generally quick to learn and set up. Today I wanted to share a few card games that we’re bringing along to family gatherings this year. QUICK FAMILY CARD GAMES COVER YOUR ASSETS Ephraim, my nine year old, bought this about six weeks ago and we’ve been playing…