A Line A Day Journal for Kids and Mom - great for memory keeping

A Line a Day Journals – perfect for writing practice and memory keeping


For the last few years I’ve been keeping a Line a Day Journal.

It’s just a simple book where you write one or two things from the day and each page has room for a few years worth of entries.

The first year it’s a little boring but by the second year you can start reading what you did on that day the year before and it gets fun.

I’ve been enjoying keeping a journal like this so back in the fall I decided to get my kids to start one as well.


A Line A Day Journal for Kids and Mom - great for memory keeping


I wanted to get going on it right away so I didn’t want to order them so I decided to go the very difficult route of grabbing a notebook and sectioning off dates for them.

I actually wish I wouldn’t have done this because I couldn’t find a notebook that was 365 pages long so we have to have multiple dates per page which means this will only be a two year journal, which will still be nice but not as nice as looking back on multiple years.

Then it recently hit me that I should just make them journals.

Ha, you guys, I wish I would have thought of this sooner.

The journals I made have room for five years worth of memories. It’s so hard to even imagine what they will be writing for memories in five years time but I am excited to have that documented.


A Line A Day Journal for Kids and Mom - great for memory keeping


The line a day journals are great for some daily printing practice, especially if you have a kid that doesn’t like to write, this is quick and painless.

There are some days where my kids don’t know what to write or they’ve gotten a few days behind so they don’t remember what they did. Or it’s been COVID and they’ve done exactly the same thing for five days straight (am I right?) so on those days they’ve done a variety of different things: made up poems (my daughter is a fan of limericks), copied quotes or lines from books or drawn a picture, either way, it’s still a nice memory to have.

The nice thing about these printable journals is that you can start on any day, you just start printing from the first day you want to write in and then print the year that way. I started my first book in June so I printed June through December and then January through May.


A Line A Day Journal for Kids and Mom - great for memory keeping


I also made a journal for myself and that one has room for eight years. In eight years my oldest will be EIGHTEEN. That makes these journals so precious.

I use my line a day journal as part of my mother culture morning basket so every morning I write a little bit of what occurred the day before. I’ve found it interesting to see some of the unintentional patterns that take place over the years.


You can grab the Line a Day Journal here.


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