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Free Printable Homeschool un-Planner Monthly Sheets

The Homeschool un-Planner – Free Printable Monthly Record Sheets


I remember at the beginning of every school year in middle school and high school vowing to make that the year that I kept my binder and notes much more organized. That generally lasted about a month and by the time Christmas came my binder was a complete disorganized mess.

Was I the only that went through this?

This year I find myself making this same promise to myself as a homeschooling parent. Though the problem is not that my notes have gotten disorganized, it’s that I stopped taking any! And we’ve been doing some pretty neat stuff, so I want to make sure I keep track of it.


Free Printable Homeschool un-Planner Monthly Records Sheets


Last week I finished our homeschool portfolio for the year that I had to submit to our school division, the portfolio is really simple and I am happy to do that little bit of work for the little bit of monetary reimbursement the division gives us. But, it was a struggle to fill out our last few months because I simply stopped writing down what we had been doing.

I like the idea of a homeschool planner but if you’ve read about how I prefer to reverse schedule actually planning out our day doesn’t really work for us, I prefer to write down what we’ve done instead of what we plan on doing.


Free Printable Homeschool un-Planner Monthly Records Sheets


I decided to create some printables for myself in hopes to keep myself a little more organized this year. And since we’ve already started the new school year a few months early I printed out June and have already started keeping track.

I made a page for jot notes of what we’ve done for the month and since Ephraim is starting kindergarten I will be printing out a different jot note page for each of my kids to keep their stuff separate. But because we do a lot of our major topics together I also created another page where I could record our major topics for the month as well as our read alouds (which are usually audiobooks).

Once upon a time I had thought of creating a homeschool planner but knew that wouldn’t work for my personality and homeschooling style so I’m calling this the Homeschool un-Planner, which is a much more appropriate title.



Free Printable Homeschool un-Planner Monthly Sheets



I thought I would share the printables with anyone else who likes to reverse schedule and instead likes to write down what they’ve done instead of what they are going to do. I have a lot of ideas for future pages for the un-Planner and those on my newsletter list will always get them emailed out before they go live any where else, want to get on that list? Just be sure to check the box to sign up for the newsletter when you download the un-Planner pages.

Ready for the pages?

Download them here!

Free Printable Homeschool un-Planner Monthly Sheets


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