• Unschooling Homeschool Day in the Life - DITL of a Christian Unschooling Family
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    Unschooling Day in the Life: take a look into a homeschooling day in the life

    I’ve got another homeschooling day in the life for you today! This DITL was totally impromptu, my kids have been oozing creativity lately and I wanted to capture that. I think a lot of the creativity has come from our “simple schedule”, making sure they have time to be creative each day (and kind of have to be) has really helped! We are unschoolers but both of my kids set some goals for the year so they each have a few things they want to get accomplished each day, thus we are currently unschoolers with a checklist.     Unschooling Day in the Life: take a look into a homeschooling…

  • Homeschool Day in the Life video - unschooling and project and interest-led learning
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    Homeschool Day in the Life: summer edition: working on projects and interest-led learning

    Here’s another day in the life of our homeschool, this one is a summer version! I’ve been liking the rhythm our summers have taken and if all goes well I plan on continuing this into the fall as well. In this day in the life we took a little nature walk and my kids followed their interests and made creative projects.       You can see past day in the life videos and posts here.

  • Simple Homeschool Schedule - our simple three part homeschool schedule and routine for the summer
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    Simple Homeschool Schedule: the simple homeschool rhythm we are following

    We have hit our groove this summer with a very simple homeschool schedule. I know this schedule definitely won’t be involved enough for some people but it has been working really well for our family! I’m totally planning on pulling this rhythm/routine/checklist into the fall.       My free Unschooling with Intention Workshop. My kids’ YouTube Lego Show: The Adventure Kids     OUR SIMPLE HOMESCHOOL SCHEDULE   So, what I have done is create a very easy three-part checklist for my kids for each day. I have intentionally kept this simple so there will be space in their days to explore interests and just have time to be…

  • How do You Start Homeschooling? How to Homeschool Legally and Find a Method and Homeschool Style that Works for Your Family
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    How to Start Homeschooling: homeschool legally and find a method that works for your family

    You have decided you want to homeschool but how do you actually start homeschooling? How do you make sure you are homeschooling legally as well as how do you really educate your children? I will be tackling those two questions today. If you have been homeschooling for years but feel like you are stuck in a rut you may still benefit from this video as I give some tips and tricks on how to find a method that works for your personality and your family.       WATCH NEXT Homeschool Q & A – With My Husband! Homeschool Bookshelf & Cabinet Tour – Sharing Some of Our Favorite Homeschool Resources…

  • The 5 Most Popular Homeschool Methods and Styles Explained
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    The 5 Most Popular Homeschool Methods and Styles Explained

    I’m not really the kind of person who likes to put myself in a box (I’m a rebel through and through) BUT I have found it helpful to figure out what homeschool method works best for us. We just finished our fourth year homeschooling and we finally hit our stride in the last few months of this year once I realized that there was a definite homeschool style that suited our family. Today I’m going to share the five most popular homeschool methods that I see people gravitating to these days and what they actually mean. These are very short summaries to give you an overview. My goal here is…