• What does a relaxed and minimal homeschool look like? A peek inside our simple and relaxed homeschool
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    What is a Relaxed and Minimal Homeschool?

    To be honest, I personally cannot understand those other homeschool mothers who create a homeschool schedule at the beginning of the school year and stick to it all year long. My Type A side does like the idea but my Rebel side (which is stronger) can’t handle the idea. Our homeschool is constantly evolving as we are. We have tried a number of different homeschool styles in the last few years, from the more traditional school method, to unschooling to the Charlotte Mason method . . . I have nothing against any of those styles, if you’ve been around here for awhile you’ll probably actually know that I really wish…

  • Why we quit using the Charlotte Mason method and what we are doing instead
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    Why We Quit Using the Charlotte Mason Method

    If you have been following around here for a little while you may know that we (well, I) decided to give the Charlotte Mason method a try for this school year. I love the Charlotte Mason method, I love all the photos I see and really agree with most of the method. But I am just unable to follow it. Seriously, we maybe did one month of a revised version of the method before it just simply fell apart.     The truth is, I’m more of an organic homeschooler and we all do better when we view homeschooling as a lifestyle, not something we “do”. My goals for homeschooling…

  • Nature Study Resources - A Butterfly is Patient
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    What is the Charlotte Mason method? And Why We are Switching to it

    I know many of you have already started your homeschool year. Here where we live the school system doesn’t start back until the day after Labor Day and while we usually start our homeschool year earlier this year we are delaying until at least the Wednesday after Labor Day. A large part of this delay is the fact that we (I) recently decided to switch things up and we will be following the Charlotte Mason method this year. Our previous method I dubbed Homeschooling as a Lifestyle and while I still really love this method there are a few different things that have us switching to Charlotte Mason this year. I…

  • Is Using a Homeschool Curriculum Right for Your Family or Do You Do Better Without a Curriculum or Schedule? Take the quiz to find out!
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    Should You Even Use a Homeschool Curriculum? The Quiz

    Like the letter cards in the photo above? You can purchase the printables here. There is a lot of chatter in the homeschool world about curriculum. Everyone wants to know what kind of curriculum everyone else is using. But what if you don’t even know if using a curriculum is the right choice for you? Or what if you didn’t even realize it was possible to homeschool without a curriculum? I guess this post is kind of a prequel to my post with a long-winded title: Making Sure You Have a Productive Homeschool Year for the Mom Who Doesn’t Want to Stick to a Schedule or Follow a Curriculum. That post…

  • How to Plan Your Homeschool Year with Broad Homeschool Goals Instead of Using a Curriculum
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    Broad Homeschool Goals Printable – Making Sure You Have a Productive Homeschool Year for the Mom Who Doesn’t Want to Stick to a Schedule or Follow a Curriculum

    Phew, that may be the longest title for one of my posts yet! I posted a photo on Instagram last week and said that I was taking time to go over our goals for the year and see how we were doing and what we needed to adjust to reach our goals for the year. I did try to set a weekly schedule for grade two this year and I don’t even know if we completed the first week. I’d like to be the kind of person that set a routine and stuck to it but I am not. Many people assume I’m very type A and maybe in some…

  • Creating a Rich Writing Experience in Our Homeschool with Brave Writer and The Writer's Jungle
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    Creating a Rich Writing Experience in Our Homeschool

    I’m honestly not sure if one can be involved in the homeschool community in any way online without quickly hearing about Brave Writer. If you read around homeschool blogs for more than five minutes you are going to hear about someone raving about Julie and Brave Writer. And for good reason. Remember when I was talking about Poetry Tea Time and how much my kids adore it (if I forget one week they are bound to remember)? Well, Poetry Tea Time is the brain child of Julie over at Brave Writer. I recently received The Writer’s Jungle from Brave Writer after hearing so many people rave about it. When people…