Living Books for Composer Study: Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi Composer Study


Growing up I knew absolutely nothing about composers or classical music. With the exception of the tune of Ode to Joy thanks to the Drink Milk Love Life commercials back in the 90’s (what I’ve since learned: the commercial lied; milk doesn’t make everyone love life). Was this commercial just a Canadian thing?

So, despite my limited composer knowledge, or maybe because of it, I wanted to give my children a little more of a well rounded music education than I had.

Even though I had good intentions, it was a slow start, but we are picking up pace now.

For our first composer study we decided to go with Antonio Vivaldi. My daughter was actually briefly introduced to his work in her one year of piano lessons a couple of years ago and we already knew we enjoyed his Four Seasons so he seemed like a great composer to study a little more in-depth.


Antonio Vivaldi Composer Unit Study


I decided to document all the resources we used and turned it into an online Vivaldi Composer Unity Study. The composer study is filled with resources for learning all about Vivaldi and his music.

The contents of this unit study include:

* an unit study sample schedule
* who is Antonio Vivaldi?
* book list
* playlists
* how to document your learning
* extended learning opportunities
* and more!

The study is now available to purchase!

Antonio Vivaldi Composer Unit Study


We will be studying Mozart next! Who should we study after that?
Do you have a favorite composer?


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