Great Books by Historical Time Period - Intentional Homeschooling Book List
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Great Books by Time Period


Here is my list of great books I would recommend broken up by time period. This is a living list, meaning, I will be continually adding to it.

I do plan on making a printable of this list in the near-ish future but want to read a few more books before I do so.

If you notice an error or have a book you would like to recommend you can leave them in the comments at the bottom of the page. Once I have read and approved them I’ll add them to the list.

Also, for those in my membership I have created a page that gives some more details about some of the books on this list, it’s just one of the perks of the membership.

Great Books by Historical Time Period - Intentional Homeschooling Book List

A few disclaimers before we get onto the list:

  • the grade level I recommend for these books is the earliest age I recommend reading them, if I mark a book as grade 4 that does not mean a grade 5, 6, or 7 child won’t enjoy it, it’s just the earliest age I would recommend it. Most of these books I’ve enjoyed as an adult so just because a book is marked a certain grade does not mean it can only be read in that grade.
  • I have read most of these books myself or have read one or more books in the series
  • a few of these my daughter has read and recommends but she’s got pretty good judgment when it comes to books
  • as mentioned in the first point, some of these I’ve read one or more books in the series but feel fairly confident recommending the entire series
  • these suggestions and my recommended grade levels are what I am okay with in our home based on the average child. I have one kid who is fairly sensitive to content in books and one who is less so, in the case where I felt like one would be ready for the book in grade 4 and the other in grade 6, for example, I chose to put the recommendation to grade 5.
  • a lot of history is centered around wars so that’s a major theme in a number of these books
  • the highest grade level I have included is grade 10, some of the books I recommend for this age are technically adult books but I think the content would be appropriate for grades 10 and up
  • at this time I’m not including classics on this list, though I may come back and add some because they can be great educators of the time period
  • most of the books on this list are for grades 3 and up, I did not include the Magic Tree House books on here but if you have younger kids, that’s a great series to check out as well!
  • one more thing: some of these books are historical fiction with a fantasy twist (they are be pointed out on the Details of Great Books by Time Period page that I have available for members), if you have a child who enjoys fantasy this may just be the way to get them interested in history as well!

I think that is all for my disclaimers, let’s get on to the list!

Great Books by Time Period

GN denotes a graphic novel.

Ancient Times: before 500 AD

Middle Ages: 500-1600

Early Modern Times: 1600’s & 1700’s

An Ivy Hill Christmas - Historical Fiction Books by Time Period


1900’s & 1910’s



1940’s & 1950’s

1960’s & 1970’s

1980’s & 1990’s



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