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    Elementary Medieval Times Book List

    At the beginning of the year I decided we would try to do a brief overview of the history of the world this year. We started out with ancient history (focusing mainly on Ancient Rome) and now we are in the middle of our study on the medieval times. We’ve been enjoying reading about knights and castles and even a bit about the bubonic plague. My kids always love all kind of potty jokes so they were the most tickled to find that some of the “toilets” in castles drained into the moats. (They would probably love a study on the history of toilets.) I wanted to share our medieval book…

  • Our curriculum plans for homeschooling grade one and preschool.
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    An Overview of Our Homemade Grade 1 & Preschool Curriculums

    Today is our official start to our first year homeschooling! I have been waiting for this day for about 3 years and I’m kind of nervous that it will all blow up in our faces, I don’t think it will but that fear is definitely there. When I started thinking about what I all wanted the kids to learn this year part of me got overwhelmed and just wanted to buy a full pre-made curriculum. BUT one of the reasons we are homeschooling is to have more flexibility in our days and our learning and I knew that wouldn’t be the best way for us. So, I decided to hack together…

  • An Ancient History book list for the elementary grades. Perfect for making history come alive.
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    Elementary Ancient History Books

    This year we will be taking some time to study the history of the world. It’s first grade so obviously we aren’t going to study the entire history of the world in one year but we are going to take some time each quarter to learn a little about one time period and I’m hoping we will build on this by going deeper throughout the years. I’ll explain our history plan a little more in-depth in a week or two, for today I wanted to share some of the books that we will be using as we study ancient times throughout elementary school. It can be hard to find books…