• Card Games to bring to Family Gatherings
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    Quick CARD GAMES that are perfect to bring to family gatherings

    During the Christmas season we have quite a few family gatherings. Some of them my kids have relatives around the same age and some they don’t. Whether or not they have people around the same age we generally bring a couple card games along to play. Card games are great for these circumstances because they don’t take up make space and they are generally quick to learn and set up. Today I wanted to share a few card games that we’re bringing along to family gatherings this year. QUICK FAMILY CARD GAMES COVER YOUR ASSETS Ephraim, my nine year old, bought this about six weeks ago and we’ve been playing…

  • What We're Getting the Kids for Christmas
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    What We’re Getting the Kids for Christmas

    I love seeing what other people get their kids for Christmas because sometimes I feel like I need a little inspiration so this year I thought I would finally hop on the train and share what we’re getting our kids. I just want to point out a few things before we get started: ONE: we don’t spend the same amount each year. Sometimes we’ll do a bigger gift for both of them or the “family” (like a few years ago when we got an Xbox and Game Pass) and sometimes it’s individual gifts. This year it is individual gifts. TWO: some of these gifts are actually from other people, we…

  • The Perfect Gift Guide for Women! Christmas 2022
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    Christmas is approaching and this year I wanted to make sure to share some great gift guides here. I recently shared a great list of cheap stocking stuffers that people will actually use and today I wanted to share a gift guide for women! This list is going to include a mixture of items I own and love and items on my own wish list. Hopefully this list will help you find a few things you would like to add to your own wish list and/or help you buy gifts for others! I’ve broken this list down into items that can be found for under $50 and under $100 so…

  • Cheap and Useful Stocking Stuffers
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    Cheap Stocking Stuffers People Would Actually Use

    Welcome to the kick off of a ton of gift guides I will be sharing in the next few weeks. Don’t worry, the gift guides will include items that people actually want to receive and don’t require you to sell your firstborn child. I knew I wanted to start with stocking stuffers because these can be tricky items to buy. Most lists I’ve seen include items that are $20+ and I knew that is not what I wanted for my list. At the time of writing this all the items are $10 or under, with the lots of them being closer to the $5 mark so keep your firstborn in…

  • Tween Girl Gift Guide - great gift ideas for tween girls: books, clothes and more!
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    My (almost) 12 Year Old’s Wishlist – A TWEEN GIRL GIFT GUIDE

    My oldest turns TWELVE this weekend! Excuse me while I hyperventilate a little. Time flies! Anyway, she is now in that pre-teen stage that can be so hard to buy for so I’ve been keeping a list of things she wants as she mentions them and thought I would compile a list in hopes that this helps others out there with pre-teens in that difficult-to-buy-for stage. As someone who is a big reader myself, I love it when books pop up on her list, so I’ll start with the books and then get into the other stuff! This is one of her recent favorite reads so it’s no surprise it…

  • The Best Educational Gifts and Toys for Toddlers
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    10+ of the Best Educational Gift Ideas for Toddlers

    This year is the first year in awhile where we’ve had a toddler to shop for. Because we had no idea we would be doing this toddler thing over again we had to pretty much start from scratch and I have to admit, it was fun looking through that section of toys again. Plus I feel like I have more knowledge on what toys kids actually play with and are also not annoying to adults. This is the last installment in my educational gift guide series, here’s the full series: + The Best Educational Gift Ideas for Toddlers (this list!) + The Best Educational Gift Ideas for Preschoolers + The Best Educational…