• Castle Panic - our favorite family board games
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    Our Favorite Family Board Games that are also Educational

    Winter is definitely the time of year when we play more family board games and add new ones to our arsenal. We’ve added a few new ones to our collection already this winter and the kids are getting a few more for Christmas in a few weeks so I wanted to write a new game post. I’ve written a couple in the past but we keep adding new games! My favorite things about games are that they are fun but also usually sneakily educational, which great for the normal family and extra awesome for homeschool families (game schooling is definitely a legit thing). Specific skills vary from game to game…

  • Our Favorite Games to Play - Intentional Homeschooling
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    Games We Use In Our Homeschool

    It’s been nearly a year since I shared a post of some of our favorite homeschool games and since then we’ve added a lot more to our list, so instead of just updating the post I thought I would write a whole new one. This will be our game master list so I will try to keep this page updated with our favorites and add new ones in as we get them. For the most part we get our games off of Amazon, like 80% of the stuff we buy . . . I have gotten a few from the thrift store but that can be hit or miss and…