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8 Third Grade Read Aloud Novels

Eight Read Aloud Novels for Grade Three

I truly appreciate mid-grade novel authors and their ability to tackle hard topics in such unique ways. Most of the books on today’s list are really good for getting conversations going with kids in or around third grade. While they are more than capable to read these books on their own at this age I think doing them as a…

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Eight Read Alouds & Audiobooks for Grade Two

Grade two is such a fun age for read aloud novels! The books I’m sharing in today’s list are really good for a variety of ages. We’ve actually listened to six of them on audio this year while Raeca is in grade one, she enjoyed them and so did I. Some of the themes went a bit above her, but…

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Eight Picture Books for Little Builders and Engineers

Eight Picture Books For Little Engineers and Builders

If you have a little one in your home that is into building things you’ll love these picture books! I often find myself wondering what my kids will chose to “do” or “be” when they grow up. I’m definitely not going to force them to do anything but I like looking for their strengths and interests now and watching how…

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St. Patrick's Day Booklist - picture books plus a great book about Ireland and a book of fun limericks.

St. Patrick’s Day Picture Books

With St. Patrick’s Day so close I wanted to share a couple of St. Patrick’s Day picture books with you! Actually, that might be a bit of stretch – truth be told, most of them are about St. Patrick’s Day but one of them is a book about Ireland and one is a book of limericks . . . But…

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