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The Best Homeschooling and Parenting Books

The Best Homeschooling & Parenting Books

I oddly haven’t read a whole lot of homeschooling books. I mean, I’d like to but there is only so much time, right? As a result my to-read list is pretty long! I have read some really great homeschooling books so far though, but I put out a call on Instagram to find which books other homeschooling moms consider to…

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The Best Chapter Books for Grade Two Free Reading

The Best Grade Two Chapter Books for Free Reading

Part of my plan for our grade two year is to have some dedicated reading time in our day. Raeca doesn’t need me to tell her to take time to read each day, she does it naturally already but I wanted to add in a little bit of time where she could read a few books I’ve picked out for…

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The Best Picture Books of 2017! One's you'll want to read to your kids, and some that will actually have them laughing out loud.

Our Favorite Books of 2017 – Part Two

  Many people have been asking me and I’m happy to announce that the weekly picture book lists are back! I decided to take a break from writing them for the summer and meant to get this one up last week but then Ephraim came down with tonsillitis and had a fever for a few days and wasn’t sleeping well…

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10 Great Books for Preschoolers

I’ve taken a little break from weekly book lists this summer but will be back with Friday book lists starting in September! That being said, I do have a book list for you today! Here are ten books your preschooler will love, if you’d like more book ideas for your preschooler, check out our free preschool curriculum, it includes thirty-six…

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