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Books That Kids Who Love Magic Tree House Will Also Love

Books for Kids Who Like Magic Tree House

My daughter is a Magic Tree House fan. They were the first chapter books she started reading last fall and she’s read almost every book in the series (many of them twice over). Magic Tree House books are to her what The Baby-Sitters Club books were to me. Except that she gets to learn about history and geography while she’s…

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Children' Books About Egypt - teach your children about Egypt and it's ancient history!

Children’s Books About Egypt

As part of the Explore the World From Your Home digital resource guide that I’ve created I’ve got book lists for the countries included in the guide thus far. Today I thought I’d share some of the books from the Egypt section with you! The Explore the World digital resource guide is more than just book lists, included in the…

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Summer Reading Book List for Grades 1-4 - great read aloud novels for elementary

Elementary Summer Read Aloud Book List

I love to go into the summer with a list of potential books for us to read and this summer is no different! Though, if you’ve been around here for long you know that when I said “read” I totally mean “listen on audio”. Unfortunately I can’t get my hands on the audio of all of these books, we’ll see…

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Children’s Books About South America

Today I wanted to continue the country book list series. Though, you may notice I’ve actually decided to do a whole continent, not a country. I’d love to break these down into individual country book lists at some point but right now there isn’t enough books for each country to do so. If you have some suggestions for children’s books…

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Children's Books about New Zealand

Children’s Books About New Zealand

New Zealand is definitely on my list of places to visit. I wanted to go there pre: Lord of the Rings but now going to see The Shire is a cool bonus. Also, we don’t have a lot of sheep around where I live so a country that has five sheep for every person sounds interesting! The landscape looks so…

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