Our Homemade Grade One Homeschool Curriculum - Weeks 1 & 2

Grade One Curriculum – Weeks 1 & 2

I thought I would take some time to share here a more detailed list of what we are doing in for grade 1. I’ve got a few weeks to catch up on and then I’ll be sharing these closer to “real time”. I shared a bit of an overview of our homemade grade one curriculum last month and this will…

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Our Homeschool Month in Review - August

Our Homeschool Month: August in Review

I am definitely learning from experience that I shouldn’t take so long to write our monthly reviews, August has been over half a month ago, and now I’m straining to remember what we did during the month. Well, we officially started our homeschool year on August 24th, so most of the month leading up to that was just intentionally soaking…

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Best Audio Book Novels for Young Children - 3-5 years (and older!)

Best Audio Book Novels for Young Children

I’ve admitted before that I’m not good at reading novels out loud but we really enjoy them so, as a result, we do a lot of audio books in our house. We love listening to audio books on road trips, during lunch time and randomly throughout the day when we all need a little bit of calm down time. We…

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Ideas for a simple preschool journal for 3 year olds

Ideas for a Simple Preschool Journal for 3 Year Olds

On the first day of our homeschool year my 3 year old surprised me by sitting down and asking what he was going to be learning. Up until that day he had not been interested in learning his letters or numbers, printing, coloring, drawing or any type of intentional learning so I was a little blown out of the water…

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The books we read in August, picture books, early chapter books and my own reads.

Our Homeschool Month: Books We Read in August

Our book reading really picked up this month. We’ve been maxing out our library card and finding a lot of good gems. Plus we officially started homeschooling in the second last week of August and adding a bit of structure into our days means we always make time for reading. RAECA’S READS Raeca is still reading quite a few early readers…

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13 Novels to Read Aloud in Grade 1

Grade One Read Aloud Novels

Major confession: I have loved reading for my whole life but I am not good at reading novels out loud. I can get by with picture books; I don’t do voices but I can read pretty dramatically and it’s pretty fun, but novels? I struggle. Even though I’m not good at reading novels out loud I really love books and want my kids to…

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Our Free Homeschool Grade 1 Language Arts Curriculum - lots of reading and a bit of writing.

Our (Practically Free) Grade 1 Language Arts Curriculum

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing how I am planning our practically free grade one curriculum. Today I’m on to our language arts curriculum. You can check out the rest of the series here: Our (Practically Free) Grade 1 Math Curriculum Our Free Grade 1 Spanish Curriculum Our (Practically Free) Grade 1 Music Curriculum Our (Practically Free) Grade 1 Science Curriculum Our…

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