Tips on how to homeschool a highly sensitive child, little adjustments you can make in your homeschool to make the days easier for everyone.

Tips for Homeschooling a Highly Sensitive Child

One of my most pinned posts on my personal blog is Raising a Highly Sensitive Child: Tips to Help You Get Through, and I’ve thought a lot about how I am going to homeschool this highly sensitive child. If the term highly sensitive child/person is new to you, it’s a real thing, let me explain. Highly Sensitive People (HSP’s) and Highly Sensitive…

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How we are creating our own, almost free, music curriculum this year.

Our (Practically Free) Grade 1 Music Curriculum

Today I am continuing the series on our practically free grade 1 curriculum, we’ve already covered math and Spanish, and today we are on to music! Check out the rest of the series here: Our (Practically Free) Grade 1 Math Curriculum Our Free Grade 1 Spanish Curriculum Our (Practically Free) Grade 1 Art Curriculum Our (Practically Free) Grade 1 Language Arts Curriculum…

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Teach multiple subjects with this literature based unit, including character traits like kindness and respect! Also included are different ways to incorporate lessons for art, math, social studies, music and more!

Literature Based Learning with Chrysanthemum

Since we love books so much in this house (in case you couldn’t tell) our first homeschool year is going to be largely literature based. As of right now I think our actual language arts program will be fairly unstructured since the goal for grade one language arts is to pretty much teach children how to read and Raeca is…

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Stream lining social media to live a more intentional life.

Intention & Priorities

Earlier this year I picked out the word encourage for my year and over the months my word has slowly evolved into intention. Part of the reason I wanted to homeschool my children in the first place was to be intentional with our days together and with their education. But while I’ve been trying to be intentional I’ve also found I’ve…

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Our Homeschool Month - July in Review - the books we read! Including picture books, read alouds and mom's reads.

Our Homeschool Month: Books We Read in July

This month started out book heavy but it slowly petered out as we got more into vacation mode, though, that being said, we still read quite a few books. RAECA’S READS Raeca is still reading a lot of early readers and picture books, there is no way I’d have time to list them all here, so here are two of the…

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