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An Instagram Prompt Challenge – #HereIsOurHomeschool – Round Two!


Back in May I hosted a homeschool photo prompt challenge over on Instagram, #HereIsOurHomeschool, and it was such a great experience! So many ladies participated and it felt like a great source of encouragement to me so I am going to host it again!

The beginning of the school year seems like a great time to share all the resources we are excited about and is a great way to help and encourage other homeschool mamas out there!


A fun, month long, Homeschool Instagram Prompt Challenge!


I find this kind of prompt challenge is also a good way for me to evaluate if the things I have planned for us to do are things I actually want to follow through with. By taking the time to sit down and think through each of these prompts I have a second chance to decide if what I had planned is what is best for our family.

This last month I was over on my personal Instagram sharing about Mother Culture via a #SimpleMotherCulture prompt challenge I had created and it really re-affirmed that I want to give the Charlotte Mason method a go this year in our homeschool.


A fun, month long, Homeschool Instagram Prompt Challenge!


Just like with the last #HereIsOurHomeschool challenge, we will be taking the weekends off, because as a fellow homeschooling mother I know your weeks are busy as it is. Feel free to use the weekends to catch up from prompts you missed or just to relax.

Oh, also on that note, just because you decide to join the challenge does not mean you have to post every single day. While I would love for you to if you can, I understand that there will be some days where you don’t have the energy or don’t feel like you have something to share regarding that prompt and that is totally fine! Just join in on the days you can/want to.

I would love to have you come join in with the #HereIsOurHomeschool challenge, make sure you are following me on Instagram so you don’t miss it, we will start September 3rd!


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