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Some peeks into our homeschool through some photo snapshots

Snapshots from Our Homeschool Days

I wanted to do something different today and just show some photos of glimpses into our homeschool days. No two days look alike in our homeschool and I think that’s partly the beauty of it. Oh, also, it is winter here right now (there is a decent winter storm going on as I sit here typing, we’ve gotten more snow…

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A week in the life while unschooling. While we may be unschooling lots of learning is taking place.

An Unschooling Week in the Life

We’ve been giving this unschooling thing a go for a couple of weeks now and I wanted to share a little about it. Unschooling can be hard thing to learn about because it’s not like unschoolers have this hour-by-hour schedule you can just follow. Unschooling will look different every day and every week and will vary greatly from family to…

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