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How We Are Homeschooling Through the Olympics - covering topics such as math, geography, art and more!

How We Are Homeschooling Through the Olympics

When it dawned on me a few months ago that the Winter Olympics were this year I knew right away that was going to be our whole homeschool plan for the month of February. Since sharing that we don’t stick to a schedule or curriculum in our homeschool I’ve gotten a lot of messages from other homeschool moms that can…

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Using Digital Books in Our Homeschool - Plus while we are travelling!

Using Digital Books in Our Homeschool & While Travelling

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Last week while we were on our trip to Mexico I managed to read six books. To me that qualifies as a good vacation! While I love physical books (I mean, do you follow me on Instagram?!) I also do…

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Our Typical Daily Homeschool Schedule and Routine - for preschool (pre-kindergarten) and grade two

Our Homeschool Schedule – Preschool & Grade Two

I’m not exactly sure when we “finished grade one” and “started grade two” but I think it’s safe to say that we are officially in our second year homeschooling. It will make those “first day of school” photos hard to take because we just aren’t operating on that kind of rigid schedule. In some ways it surprises me that we…

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Our Homeschool Summer Plan - what we're planning for the summer for grade 2 and preschool

Our Second Annual Summer Homeschool Plan

Wow, I can’t believe it’s time for our second homeschool summer plan post! Once again I’m looking forward to having a summer that is a balance of learning and plain old enjoying the summer. When I asked Raeca what she wanted to learn about this summer her one request was to learn about Shakespeare – um, okay,¬†weird homeschooled child. I’ve…

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For Those Who Like a Good Homeschooling Deal . . .

One thing I quickly learned after we made the decision to homeschool is that there is so much out there as far as excellent homeschooling information and resources. This is actually a great thing. The not so great thing is that I only had so much money and I didn’t know what to choose, what if I spent all my…

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