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Creating a Rich Writing Experience in Our Homeschool with Brave Writer and The Writer's Jungle

Creating a Rich Writing Experience in Our Homeschool

I’m honestly not sure if one can be involved in the homeschool community in any way online without quickly hearing about Brave Writer. If you read around homeschool blogs for more than five minutes you are going to hear about someone raving about Julie and Brave Writer. And for good reason. Remember when I was talking about Poetry Tea Time…

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Using Movies in Your Homeschool and Six Good Movies to Get You Started

Homeschooling with Movies & Six Movies To Get You Started

Lately I’ve been introducing the kids to a few different movies (well, mostly Raeca, Ephraim thinks all movies are scary). It didn’t really start out to be an educational experience but as we started watching this movie and then this one I found myself having to explain a bit about WWII and I think it was a really good way…

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Can Kids Really Learn Through Play?

Can Kids Really Learn From Play?

Two years ago at this time we were facing the idea of Raeca going into kindergarten in the fall. We had enrolled her in the same semi-private school we had both attended for the majority of our education (Jared went there from K-12 and I did from 5-12). I remember thinking about how kindergarten had moved towards a play-based education…

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Decluttering Books - Minimalist Homeschooling

Decluttering Books – Minimalist Homeschooling

In case you’ve missed it, we love books around here. I think the idea of being able to justify buying a bunch of books may have sparked my initial interest in homeschooling. I love seeing what other homeschooling families are up to, especially the novels and picture books they are reading as well as the encyclopedias and resource books they use. But…

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