Hi! I’m Chantel, wife, mother, jill-of-all-trades and founder of this site. I’m a teacher turned homeschooling mother. I started researching all things homeschooling about four years before we even started and this site was born out of my desire to give back some of what I’ve learned and share the journey along the way.

I live with my little family way out on the Canadian prairies where we explore nature and soak up the sun all summer and go into semi-hibernation all winter (a great time for a good cup of cocoa and lots of read alouds). If you want to follow along on our daily journey you can follow me on Instagram.


This site was born out of a place to share great homeschool resources and stories with intention.

While we go about planning our days and lessons we want to make a point of pausing and making sure we do everything with intention. We don’t want to add lesson plans and activities just because that’s what we think we should do, that’s how it’s always been done or that’s what everyone else is doing, we want to do everything for a reason and be truly intentional about our homeschooling days.

You can read more about what intentional homeschooling means here.