DIY Robinson Crusoe Jr. – DITL


There are so many bits to our day that I was unable to share today but’s it’s been a good practice for me to stop and pay attention to what we are doing. Some days we take a more unschooling approach than other days, today was one of those days.

One thing Raeca started working on yesterday is her own junior version of the Robinson Crusoe game that we have so she can play it on her own. šŸ™‚ I love that.

Other bits I didn’t get to show: playing Old Maid and Guess Who, lots of basketball – including a little bit with some friends, a few other books we read together, spending time with their Dad . . .

I hope to make this a monthly feature so I’ll continue to share regular snapshots daily and then next month I’ll try to do a full day in the life again!


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