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    DIY Robinson Crusoe Jr. – DITL

    There are so many bits to our day that I was unable to share today but’s it’s been a good practice for me to stop and pay attention to what we are doing. Some days we take a more unschooling approach than other days, today was one of those days. One thing Raeca started working on yesterday is her own junior version of the Robinson Crusoe game that we have so she can play it on her own. 🙂 I love that. Other bits I didn’t get to show: playing Old Maid and Guess Who, lots of basketball – including a little bit with some friends, a few other books…

  • snapshots

    A Different Kind of History – DITL

    Here’s one way we are teaching the kids some more modern history. 🙂 Yesterday we were at a youth orchestra performance and they played a song that Kermit sings, possibly Rainbow Connection, I honestly didn’t recognize the song (and now don’t remember) but I asked my kids if either of them knew who Kermit the Frog was and neither did. We’ve been watching Family Matters together slowly over the past few weeks and I’m trying to remember other good TV shows from my childhood they should know, apparently Sesame Street should go on the list.

  • Famous Canadians Notebooking Book

    A Mother-Daughter Project – DITL

    Last night Rae had the idea that her and I should work on something together. She came up with the idea that we should create a book about famous Canadians. Today we were working on brainstorming a variety of famous Canadians and almost finished a notebooking journal book. (I plan on sharing it as a freebie soon – stay tuned! Update: you can grab it for free here!) We’re going to go through the book, it’s a great way to learn more about our country and the people who helped shape it. Rae already has plans to create these books for other countries – so many ideas, not enough time!

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    Nail Salons & Digging in the Dirt – DITL

    I am homeschooling two very different kids – one that would spend all day outside if he could and one that would spend all day inside if she could (until she gets outside and remembers that she actually enjoys it out there). One with enough imagination to last multiple lifetimes and one who has troubles self entertaining. Today one spent some time working on creating a nail salon and painting my nails while the other spent time digging outside in the dirt. Two very different kids that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

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    The Best Thing About Spring – DITL

    With the coming of spring comes lots of bike riding, checking out the BMX track and skate park and on days like today, unintentionally meeting homeschool friends at the playground! The mornings are still on the chilly side which makes the afternoons our current preferred time to be outside. We also played some basketball and I had hoped to do some nature study but just ended up going with the flow today and it was great even without the nature study.

  • Redwall Audiobook - The Wall

    Lunchtime = Audiobook – DITL

    This week we are continuing with Redwall at lunch. The kids are both really enjoying it. We are going through a little slower than normal because it is on discs from the library instead of an online audiobook so we aren’t listening while we are driving/doing errands like we normally do (we’ve been listening to some podcasts then instead). At this rate we’ll be listening to this book for a few weeks.