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    Library Haul

    A peek into today’s library haul – minus the books I got for myself, I got a little excited and added those to my nightstand stack immediately after getting home.

    Today’s haul includes a few Gail Gibbons books, a few Be a ____ Detective and a few Let’s Read and Find Out Science books. Also lots of nature books since I’m going to be sharing a bunch of nature resources on Instagram this month.

  • snapshots

    Library Haul

    We got a great and diverse haul from the library today.

    Some we’ve had before, some are new-to-us and some we’ve already started diving into!

  • Sushi Go!

    Sushi Go! & Math

    We do a fair bit of gameschooling (learning through games).

    One Rae really likes is Sushi Go – it’s fairly quick and easy to play but my favorite part is the different kinds of math that go into calculating the score.

    Sneaky (and fun!) learning at it’s finest.

    If you’re interested I have a list of most of the games we own/play here.

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    Another Book Haul

    Twice a year there is a large library book sale near me. They have books upon books upon books.

    Obviously I make sure my schedule allows me to go.

    Sadly, I was disappointed this year. Previously I had been able to get six books for $1, this year they upped the price to $1/book for hardcover non-fiction – I mean, it’s still a good price but it’s not nearly as good of a deal as it used to be.

    I bought my third copy of The Two Towers because I couldn’t resist this pretty edition. Even though I’ve never read the book (though I did start The Fellowship of the Ring yesterday!).

    I was excited about the dyslexia book and already read it and was disappointed. Boo.

    The classical education book (The Core) I have actually read a couple of times before and am excited to have scored that one.

    The Wildwood book I want to read for a review (though I should probably start at the beginning).

    I also got a book of poetry, something I want to read more of but struggle to make time for.

    And then a couple of other books that I will get to eventually.

    I’m hoping they reduce their prices for the fall sale or I may not continue going, there are way too many people there to take a proper look through the books and it’s not really worth it if the deals aren’t that great.

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    Nature Walk Time!

    Yesterday the kids and I had our first official nature walk of the year. I’m determined that we will all keep nature journals this year – myself included.

    They found themselves a little fort in the bushes for the summer and I spent nearly 10 minutes watching a male and female mallard duck on the side of the lake.

    We all came home and drew the ducks (well, R drew about 10 other things as well), E was really frustrated with how his duck was turning out – I get it, I was never satisfied with my drawing ability in school (in high school I just refused to hand in art projects because I didn’t like the way they turned out) and so it’s something I want him and I to work on this summer.

    I used to have the Handbook of Nature Study book but then gave it away because I was too overwhelmed by it, now I wish I would have kept it, I think we could make good use of it now. I may just bite the bullet and buy myself another copy, ugh, it makes me never want to purge again.