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    DIY Robinson Crusoe Jr. – DITL

    There are so many bits to our day that I was unable to share today but’s it’s been a good practice for me to stop and pay attention to what we are doing. Some days we take a more unschooling approach than other days, today was one of those days. One thing Raeca started working on yesterday is her own junior version of the Robinson Crusoe game that we have so she can play it on her own. 🙂 I love that. Other bits I didn’t get to show: playing Old Maid and Guess Who, lots of basketball – including a little bit with some friends, a few other books…

  • Famous Canadians Notebooking Book

    A Mother-Daughter Project – DITL

    Last night Rae had the idea that her and I should work on something together. She came up with the idea that we should create a book about famous Canadians. Today we were working on brainstorming a variety of famous Canadians and almost finished a notebooking journal book. (I plan on sharing it as a freebie soon – stay tuned! Update: you can grab it for free here!) We’re going to go through the book, it’s a great way to learn more about our country and the people who helped shape it. Rae already has plans to create these books for other countries – so many ideas, not enough time!

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    Nail Salons & Digging in the Dirt – DITL

    I am homeschooling two very different kids – one that would spend all day outside if he could and one that would spend all day inside if she could (until she gets outside and remembers that she actually enjoys it out there). One with enough imagination to last multiple lifetimes and one who has troubles self entertaining. Today one spent some time working on creating a nail salon and painting my nails while the other spent time digging outside in the dirt. Two very different kids that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

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    Putting a Creative Spin on Things – DITL

    Rae is one of those kids that runs out of time each day for all the ideas she has. She may get this trait from me . . . Today she is leading them in a twist on some games. We have a number of games we like to play together as a family and today she is leading Ephraim on an adventure of a new game – they are combing Tsuro of the Seas and Rush Hour Shift. I really have no idea what the rules all are to the game but they are having a lot of fun. I especially like to see the creativity because we are…

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    A Creative Lego Backdrop

    This morning Raeca decided she wanted to create a Lego background for stop motion. I love the realistic grass she created but the cute little beavers in the lake are my personal favorite: The stop motion video has yet to actually be started but this backdrop had already provided hours of Lego entertainment. Rae is the most imaginative kid I know, she has so many ideas and runs out of time in the day to do everything on her mental list.

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    Welcome to our Homeschool Snapshots!

    Welcome! I thought it would be fun to share a more in-depth look into our homeschool and share some of the resources we use each day. These posts will usually be very short and give a peek into our relaxed, semi-unschooling and some of the resources we use on a daily basis. Like this morning when Raeca created as “alligator potion” from various pantry items which of course she gave gross names to (like “dragon dung” and “maggots”). I love this kind of learning because she thinks she doesn’t like printing except when it’s her idea she loves it. Secret learning for the win! More coming soon!