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    Bee Unit Study

    This week we started our mini bee unit study (a mini unit study on bees, not a unit study on mini bees 😉).

    At first Raeca was wondering why would study bees if we weren’t going to have them as pets – ha, I guess only potential pets are worth learning about.

    But, it turns out bees are quite interesting! For instance, did you know that killer bees are actually bees that escaped from a science experiment in South America? It’s like the Rats of NIHM come to life! (But they are bees, not rats.) Killer bees have been known to chase people up to a quarter of a mile.

    I *hope* to share a full list of the videos we’ve been watching and the books we’ve been reading during this mini unit study on the blog once we are done the study, in the meantime, if you have any bee resources suggestions I would love if you shared them.

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    Learning with Money

    This morning Raeca took down our jar of various currencies from our trips. She started asking questions and we ended up talking about different currencies, the countries the coins came from and who visited those countries and when.

    We admired the different types of currency, the images on them and even the different shapes (the Eastern Caribbean States coins win that prize for uniqueness!).

    Then she had the idea of separating the currency into their country of origin:



    And then after that we wrote down the variety of different coins we have, how many of them and then using some addition, skip counting and multiplication we figured out how much we had of each. When we were done she exclaimed “That was fun!”

    Learning for the win.



    Now I kind of want to go on a trip . . .

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    A Creative Lego Backdrop

    This morning Raeca decided she wanted to create a Lego background for stop motion.

    I love the realistic grass she created but the cute little beavers in the lake are my personal favorite:

    The stop motion video has yet to actually be started but this backdrop had already provided hours of Lego entertainment.

    Rae is the most imaginative kid I know, she has so many ideas and runs out of time in the day to do everything on her mental list.

  • Redwall Audiobook - The Wall

    Current Audiobook

    We started a new audiobook this week! I’ve heard a lot of good things about this series but never read or listened to them before but after listening to a homeschool veteran rave about this series the other week I knew it was time to give it a try.

    Judging from the condition we got it in it’s seen a lot of use in it’s day. I am always thankful for the library and the thousands it saves us each year.

    We listen to an audiobook each weekday at lunch, this one is decently long (nearly 10 hours) so we’ll be listening for a couple of weeks.

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    Rabbit Err . . . Kitty Trails

    What started as an attempt to make a robot out of old laminator and remote control car pieces quickly turned into a rabbit err . . . kitty trail . . .

    We went from this video of a cardboard robot to this video of a cardboard ATM to this video of a cardboard gumball machine to this video of a cardboard maze for cats to this video of kitten playing soccer to this video of a cardboard house for cats.

    We got a little off topic but this kids now have ideas of all kinds of things to build out of cardboard which reminds me a lot of their dad when he was a kid, he was always pretty great at building things out of cardboard.