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    Putting a Creative Spin on Things – DITL

    Rae is one of those kids that runs out of time each day for all the ideas she has. She may get this trait from me . . .

    Today she is leading them in a twist on some games. We have a number of games we like to play together as a family and today she is leading Ephraim on an adventure of a new game – they are combing Tsuro of the Seas and Rush Hour Shift.

    I really have no idea what the rules all are to the game but they are having a lot of fun. I especially like to see the creativity because we are missing one piece from Rush Hour Shift and as a result it can no longer be played so it’s nice to see them making some use out of the pieces.

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    Morning Reading – DITL

    We spent some time reading picture books together this morning.

    Here’s what read:

    A River – I really enjoyed the illustrations in this one

    Hats Off to Mr. Pockles – to be honest, I was super excited when I saw Sally Lloyd-Jones had written this one but I was a bit disappointed in it

    Pocket Full of Colors

    A Kiss For You – this would be a great one for babies

    Amanda Bean’s Amazing Dream – a good one for introducing multiplication

    Atlas of Adventures: Wonders of the World – I really liked this one! If you like geography you’ll enjoy this one.

  • The Best Picture Books for May

    Slow Mornings – DITL

    Welcome to our first Day in the Life! I’m hoping to make this a monthly series here.

    I really appreciate our ability to have slow mornings. Unless we have to be somewhere early I let the kids wake up on their own and we usually eat breakfast separately since some need to eat as soon as they wake up and others don’t.

    Today I’m going to be sharing little snapshots into our day, stay tuned for more!

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    Monday = Library Day

    I know Monday’s get a bad rap but I’ve figured out a secret to Monday!

    Here it is: plan something you look forward to on Monday (or whatever other day may be your tough day of the week). For me that means going to the library each Monday.

    It is the day our books come in from other libraries across the province and it doesn’t require being out of the house for hours, it’s just a short trip to get another stack of books with hundreds of dollars in value for absolutely free.

    I’m excited about a number of our books on this week’s stack. Off to go read some of them . . .

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    Kind Words

    This is our memory verse for the next while. I’ve been less diligent with memorizing verses than I would like and how this is the start to a better routine.

    There is really no formal plan for memorizing but the are lots of opportunities in the day when kind words are not the default and I can share this verse with them. That’s the current plan, we’ll see how it goes.

    I would love to hear how you go about memorizing verses in your home and some of the verses you’ve learned.

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    DIY Baby Diaper

    Yesterday Raeca decided she wanted to make a diaper for her oldest-very-loved-chronically-dirty-one-eye-is-always-half-closed-floppy-necked-because-I-removed-the-noise-device-years-ago doll, “Susie”.

    A quick search on Pinterest lead us to this simple DIY and pattern and then a quick trip to Dollar Tree for some supplies and a short while later she had two diapers and a few baby wipes for Susie.

    I much prefer these types of “handicrafts” to the paper crafts of just gluing paper together that you know will eventually end up in the garbage.

    I’m not 100% sure yet but a few of these diapers may make it to the kidpreneur sale the kids are involved in next month.